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    For quite some time, discussion regarding TrekUnited has been rather active in both Gen Trek Discussion and especially the Enterprise forum, as one might expect.

    The official position of the BBS was neutrality, as that is the position we officially try to have on most Star Trek discussion. We are a discussion board for both positive and negative discussion of Star Trek. Naturally, given the focus of the BBS, we do tend as a rule to be a tad more pro-Trek than anti, as makes logical sense for a board for fans of the show.

    TrekUnited discussion has always problematic. Part of the reason was due to the solicitation factor, however good the cause. That is something that, if there were ever problems, could have become rather problematic for us. Plus - why should we permit this solicitation, in lieu of other types of other well-meaning solicitation?

    Another factor was the fact that some registered here apparently for the sole purpose of promoting their site. That is something that may not necessarily be good for us, as loyalty would tend to be with the cause and indeed, there were times when I could see that when arguments began.

    The fighting in these threads got to be a bit much and spilled over into too many other threads. It rather boggles my mind that people can get so heated and angry over a television show.

    The last two factors which decided me against TU Promotion were two things - the aggressiveness in campaigning, as a review of the TU site would show, making me feel that we were being "used", and worse than that, the implied threats, including legal threats. I found it rather rude, to be honest, that we, who were allowing this type of thing, were being threatened and told to make sure there was no slander. While we should always make sure that posters stay within the rules, it's rather insulting to have outsiders come in to use one's site and then make threats. I have a real problem with that. At that point, why would we want the aggravation of permitting this?

    From where I'm sitting, you don't go into someone's house and threaten them, not when you expect them to host you. Very bad form. TU might want to bear that in mind in future. You don't have the right to be demanding when you're using someone else's site to promote your agenda.

    For all of the abovementioned reasons, it finally became too much. In the best interests of TrekBBS, it has been decided to not allow us to be used as a springboard for the efforts of TU, however well-intentioned they may be.

    One last item. There are those who dislike Enterprise and saw this as a fine opportunity to have a good brawl with the TU folks. I would not take this as a victory. Rather, be aware that I am taking a good long look at those whose only contribution to a specific forum is unanimously negative. If I deem that your contribution to TrekBBS appear only to be stirring up problems, or if the ratio is unacceptably high, I very well might flick that switch.

    I won't get into debate on this, there has been enough disruption of our BBS. This is regrettably how it has to be, for the good of our own BBS.