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    Aug 7, 2003
    The Planet Akron in the Ohio Sector
    Series: The Original Series – Season Three
    Episode: “That Which Survives”
    Trek Installment # 165
    Grade: C-
    Viewing Date: March 6, 2010

    This was an odd duck. Kirk, Bones, Sulu, and Redshirt/Blueshirt wander the surface of a barren world, trying to figure out what in the world happened. Kirk was kind of a jerk to Sulu, shooting down every word that comes out of his mouth.

    Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, we’ve got Spock, Scotty, and Uhura also trying to figure out what’s happening. Spock and Scotty’s dialogue was pretty fun – it was nice to Spock banter with someone other than Bones. The Enterprise going that fast was a little strange, considering later episodes.

    Finally, the threat itself was . . . interesting. Weird, but interesting.


    I'm honestly not sure what to do about the future of this thread. I'm way behind in my current reviews for TNG. It's a gigantic pain to sit down and review an episode after watching it. But I'd like to get caught up and continue to post if there's interest. It doesn't help that my reviews are so short, too.

    Hmm . . . so I'm not sure. But I'll keep posting the massive amount of back-logged reviews I already have.