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    Met Jeffrey Combs this weekend and got a pic with him. Also spoke with Micheal Dorn (briefly) and had a good five minute chat with Edward James Olmos from the new BSG (he was so easy to talk to. Though I don't have a picture, I spoke at LENGTH with Nana Visitor.. twice.. and I really enjoyed talking to her about the show,a few of the other actors, and how DS9 approached its foray into serialization, and about a particular season 2 Kira fight scene. Spoke with her again a few hours later (about hurricane Sandy, the DS9 doc, and just general chit-chat.Only got a picture with Combs.. because .. well he was Combs, and my picture budget was limited. Wanted to speak with Anson Mount, but by the time he arrived at his table,, his handler was being only allowing people paying for pictures to even say hi and thank you, and by that time I wasn't interested.
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    Looks like I missed some sort of event. What/where was it?