Transformers:Animated- Was JAY LENO these TF's creator?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Aquehonga, Jan 13, 2009.

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    TF:A's animation isn't horrible or bad. Just tad inappropriate for TFs is all.TF:A's TFs look & seem like “sarcastic” caricatures of their G1 ancestors/counterparts.

    I applaud that TF:A is clearly G1-based & appreciate what TF:A is doing, regarding it's characters.

    Having Blackarachnia, originally of Beast Wars-origin, BW a G1 spin-off, is a really cool plus for TF:A.

    I've seen very few episodes & reserve reviewing or judging TF:A as a whole at present. I put on those episodes expecting TF:A to be a train wreck & TF:A ended up being a fender bender (so far).

    Now to the point:
    What's up with every TF:A TF having a BIG LONG CHIN?

    Wtf is up with THAT:confused:

    TF:A's TFs all look like oversized mechanical robo-Jay Lenos.

    That means, more than likely, Jay Leno is to TF:A's TFs what the Quintessons were to G1's TFs in the cartoon & Primus was to G1 TFs in the Marvel comic.

    This being said, I guess the next season of TF:A will begin with ”The Chin of the Creator”, a dramatic convoluted 5-parter expaining how Jay Leno made the(se) TFs.

    Shouldn't TF:A's TF factions be the evil Deceptijays & heroic Lenobots?