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    I was first introduced to Star Trek when I was about ten or eleven years old and my father would watch The Next Generation (herein referred to as TNG) every time it came on. It is the show I grew up watching, but would never dabble in the other series until I got a little older. TNG is my favorite series out of the current five, but will I set aside my love for TNG to review Star Trek the Next Generation, The Complete Series?
    Star Trek the Next Generation, The Complete Series, herein referred to as TNG-CS brand new will run you about $280-$370 dollars, but for this installment I just don’t see your moneys worth.



    The packaging to TNG-CS alone doesn’t make this worth a $280+ price tag in my opinion. This 49 disc collection is secured in a plastic base with a clear plastic cover to go over the DVD cases themselves. However, the DVDs are in a thin plastic like cases that seem to be made of the kind of plastic found in a chocolate box; only a little thicker. These thin cases that hold 2 discs (one on each side) are stacked in numbers of eight and TAPED together. This poor construction over time will require you to replace the thin cases or re-tape them as needed.
    The DVDs also have a few problems (at least for the ones I have) as well. These issues range from miss prints on the discs (episode listed incorrectly on disc) to many of the episodes freezing either at the beginning or middle of the episodes.

    Rating: 1 Starship out of 5


    Special features for TNG-CS are nothing to get to excited about as some of the features you might have seen on older DVD releases (or even VHS) or perhaps even seen on television. Disc 49 contains ten special features that range from 15-45min each. However, each disc 7 for each season also contains some special features for that season, but the lack of episode commentary was very disappointing.

    Rating: 3 Starships out of 5


    After watching the whole series and getting to watch about 50+ I missed well growing up and during re-runs I felt that there where a few episodes that seemed missed placed, un-needed, or lacking a purpose for showing or doing something. I personally would have to say that a few of my favorite episodes from TNG off the top of my head are: Darmok (S5), Rascals (S6), Relics (S6), Parallels (S7), and Genesis (S7).

    Rating: 4 Starships out of 5


    TNG-CS is something I am glad I only paid $129 brand new for because any more then that and I would have sent it back for the poor packaging alone. I wanted to like this version DVD release, but with poor packaging and average special features I recommend you buy the individual seasons then this complete set.

    Rating: 2 Starships out of 5



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    Thanks for this review. I'm assuming this is Next Gen without the new special effects? I believe they've only re-engineered about 4 episodes so far.
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    Yes, you are correct.