Tips: keeping track of your activity

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    There are many new ways to keep track of the content in which you’re interested.

    Keeping track

    Any topic you reply to will have a small picture of your avatar in the forum view, over the top of the original poster’s avatar. That’s why it’s good to ensure you have a clear avatar you can recognise.

    Any topics that have updates since you last visited will have bold topic titles.


    As standard, you will receive a notification if someone quotes you, likes one of your posts or if there’s activity in a watched thread. Just click your name in the top right then Alert Preferences if you wish to adjust this behaviour.

    Watching a thread

    When in a thread just click Watch Thread. You will now receive notifications (which you can turn off, see above) if anyone posts in it and you can click Watched Threads at the top of the page to keep track of any activity. You’ll also receive the option to turn on email alerts for that thread.

    Watching a forum

    Watch your favourite forums, and by clicking Watched Forums at the top you can your own personalised list. You’ll get an option when adding the forum to receive alerts – this may be useful for new threads, but I would strongly suggest not tracking all new posts in a forum; you may be swamped.

    Your content

    If you click your name in the top right then click Your Content you will see any posts or threads by you.