Times in Trek where the universe or galaxy was saved

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    As far as I can recall (and assuming it was real and not some Q illusion), that event was only quadrant-threatening. Of course, you can use the reasoning that the anomaly is bigger the further back in the past, and the universe smaller, it would at one point in the past have filled the entire universe. Still, the earth apparently was formed even under those conditions, so it's uncertain as to how much the anomaly would actually affect events (otherwise than apparently preventing life on earth).
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    The Xindi season of Enterprise. The Delphic Expanse was the Sphere Builders' terraforming (spaceforming?) our galaxy to make it habitable for their kind. By the 26th century of "Azati Prime" it filled the entire alpha quadrant. What's habitable for them definitely wasn't habitable for us so left unchecked, it would have been the end of the galaxy as we knew it.
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    ^I'm reluctant to count threats to the entirety of human-explored space as threats to the entire galaxy, because the galaxy is unimaginably vast. Even in the TNG era, the Federation was only supposed to have charted maybe 11-12% of the whole galaxy, and later maps like Star Charts shrunk explored space down to a much smaller volume. So even something that wipes out all territories ever visited by humanity in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants would still not necessarily have affected more than a small fraction of the actual galaxy, however moot the distinction may seem to human observers.

    This is why I don't like stories that go to the "threat to the galaxy/universe" well. It's just such absurd hyperbole. You don't have to go anywhere near that big to threaten the entirety of known civilization.
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    Yeah, I agree with ya'll .. Not mamy times when the "Galaxy/Universe" was in peril.. and the idea that the first 2 seasons of Disco were "Galaxy or multiverse" threats is kinda annoying.. you don't have to have a galaxy spanning problem to have a good drama/action show.. and using it to offten just makes it a joke..
    Star Trek has most of the time been small stories that affect a ship, maybe a star system in terms of peril.. and it worked. :)
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