Timeline branching going forward *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by Makarov, Sep 10, 2013.

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    This is why we fans can't have nice things.
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    Any of the possible results are possible. It won't always necessarily be an "alternate timeline is created when you travel back in time" in Trek, it won't always be "possible to change the past" nor will it always be "Impossible to change the past". Any of these three possibilities may happen when Trek does Time Travel, we've seen examples of all of them.
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    I agree.

    Given that Data established that individuals have quantum signatures that can be used to establish their timeline of origination, in-universe I would imagine that these quantum signatures might be tested after any incident during which individuals might have jumped tracks, to establish that they were where they were supposed to be.
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    And the Universe that had Captain Picard eating Vanilla cake at Worf's birthday party looked awfully the same too.

    Except it wasn't.

    The post-'First Contact' had a Zephram Cochrane that talked about killer zombie cyborgs in the future.
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    And how do you know the pre-FC didn't also include that? As has been said before, it could be a predestination paradox. Meaning, there was never a timeline when it did not happen. You can't prove that this was not the case.