Timeless Issues in TOS

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I've been looking at The Wayback Machine, and looking at old TrekBBS posts from 20 years ago. I came across something that I think would make for an interesting thread today.

I typed this out 20 years ago on: October 3rd, 2003:



Relevant messages in TOS that are timeless:

"The Cage"
1. A person's greatest desires are for what they can't have.
2. A person either takes life and confronts it or turns their back on it and whithers away.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before"
3. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
4. In order to properly wield a great amount of power, you must have the knowledge, wisdom, and discipline.

"The Corbomite Manuever"
5. Sometimes a person can be thrust into a position they're not ready for yet and this will have a direct bearing on their performance.

"Mudd's Women"
6. Temporary pleasure and beauty can't replace happiness.
7. You either believe in yourself or you don't.

"The Enemy Within"
8. Aggressiveness is needed to give you drive.
9. Passiveness is needed to control aggression from getting too far out of hand.

"The Man Trap"
10. Sometimes love can blind you from the truth.

"The Naked Time"
11. We all have our fantasies, desires, and feelings that we keep to ourselves because they either seem too out of place in our lives or because we'd be embarrassed if other people knew about them.

"Charlie X"
12. "No" means "no."

"Balance of Terror"
13. The only way to ensure peace is to have a strong defensive posture.
14. During a time of war, you have to realize that sometimes it may be the ones you love who are going to die.

Is there anything dated about any of these messages? Anything that can't apply to 2003 as much as they do 1966? Telling these types of stories should still be able to be done.


That's as far as I got at the time. But everything I typed still applies to today, and we could expand on that and keep it going.

I think posting something like this from 20 years ago about the timelessness of the messages in TOS, and have it all still apply today, reinforces how timeless it is.
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Whatever psychology books McCoy was reading, he needed to throw them in the trash!

a few minor dialogue/terminology tweaks and it's halfway plausible. McCoy is trying to prevent women from becoming the trigger for Scotty's PTSD, by introducing strong positive feelings about women before the negative ones can be internalized. The main issue being "women" seems too broad a subject to be a trigger. Though I suppose one incident with a dog, for example, can lead to fear of all dogs.
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"It's cool to go to a strip club with your mates but not cool to go alone." :)

The black man does not always die first. Sometimes he makes it, like in here and TEXAS CHAINSAW 3. (For the reverse, there's always THE EMPATH.)
Wolf in the Fold
"It's cool to go to a strip club with your mates but not cool to go alone." :)

I go out alone sometimes for a beverage (not to strip clubs, which are not my scene and never have been). Just about every time I do, I think of James T. Kirk rejecting the idea.