Time Bandits | Premieres July 24 on Apple TV+ (Taika Waititi, Lisa Kudrow)


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History’s greatest heists await. Discover the adventure. Check out the Time Bandits trailer for the upcoming live-action, comedic adventure series starring Lisa Kudrow (“The Comeback”), Kal-El Tuck (“Unseeing Evil”), Tadhg Murphy (“Conversations With Friends”), Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (“You Don’t Know Me”), Rune Temte (“Eddie the Eagle”), Charlyne Yi (“Knocked Up”), Rachel House (“Heartbreak High”), Kiera Thompson (“Martyrs Lane”), James Dryden (“Ready Player One”), Felicity Ward (“The Office” Australia), Francesca Mills (“Harlots”) and Imaan Hadchiti (“Thor: Love and Thunder”). “Time Bandits” also features special guest appearances by Waititi and Clement. Time Bandits is a television adaptation of the beloved cult classic movie by the same name.

Created for television by Jemaine Clement (“Flight of the Conchords”), Iain Morris (“The Inbetweeners”) and Taika Waititi (“Reservation Dogs”), and produced for Apple TV+ by Paramount Television Studios, Anonymous Content’s AC Studios and MRC, Time Bandits is an unpredictable journey through time and space with a ragtag group of thieves and their newest recruit: an 11-year-old history buff named Kevin. Together, they set out on a thrilling quest to save the boy’s parents — and the world.

Consisting of 10 episodes, “Time Bandits” is produced for Apple TV+ by Paramount Television Studios, Anonymous Content’s AC Studios and MRC. Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris and Taika Waititi executive produce, write, and direct select episodes, with Clement and Morris serving as co-showrunners. Garrett Basch and Tim Coddington also executive produce along with Jane Stanton who executive produces for Handmade Films.
Saw that trailer earlier. I had no idea this was in the works (or I did and forgot). Having Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi co-run and co-star in the show should be interesting and should certainly add to the zaniness of the original ideas (don't know anything about Iain Morris). Seems like with Twelve Monkeys (which I still haven't seen...) Terry Gilliam doesn't appear to be involved and that might be a good thing (considering what I've heard about the show).

Lisa Kudrow is always a trip but I dont know anyone else in the cast. For better or for worse.
Well at least there are some little people. It wouldn't be Time Bandits without little people. Lisa Kudrow seems to be playing a slightly less zany version of Phoebe.

Even so, I'm guarded about this being any good, but we'll see. Willow was nice in that it had Warwick Davis in it.
Even so, I'm guarded about this being any good, but we'll see. Willow was nice in that it had Warwick Davis in it.

Like Willow though it's all looks a bit ren faire, everyone is clean and pretty and presentable, they're quirky but not disreputable. I'm willing to give it a shot and meet it half-way but it's hard not to feel that something was lost in translation.

Well since I just unsubbed from Apple TV, it will have to wait. I did enjoy the trailer, but the fact that Kudrow's Character says "We're the Time Bandits" left me a bit put off. In the movie, they never (IIRC) referred to themselves like it was the name of a gang.
The omission of Little People from the core cast bugs me, but I do like it that they're covering some non-Western history like Mansa Musa. Still, the original film had such a unique voice and style that I'm wary of trying to redo it.
I watched the movie once years ago and have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever beyond the abstract knowledge that I saw it, so approaching this fresh, it looks pretty fun. I've enjoyed everything I've seen so far with Taika Waititi involved, and it doesn't look like this will break the streak.
After watching the trailer a couple more times I think it's growing on me. Lisa Kudrow's take as the leader reminds me of Jack Sparrow (not going to defend that! :)) and you don't see a lot of roles like that for women in these things.
It is prolly shyte.........and nobody is watching Apple TV........+
Man what is next??
Monty Python in modern clothes???

I am happy that I kept my blue ray player.
Because tv and streaming is getting pretty weird.