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    I don't know if this is more of fan fiction. We write together in a group that logs by email to finish plots. Check us out. It is a website so I put it here. I am Chief Science officer, so I pretty much have a paper pushing part of missions and then its character development. We really don't have much in the way of activity, aside from the three of us. You might check out www.omicronfleet.us website directly. They have a starbase thats trying to get active. He's from South America originally, but did alot of the customization coding I think. He's pretty technical and worked at a bank branch, at least I think. His name is Carlos, probably very busy. I really would like some active players to write with. I am trying to define my department. I am heading about 24 major department characters, I am really the only player writing but slowly I am working in a developed character background to give science some flavor, otherwise science just wouldn't stand out.

    We lost our Chief Medical Officer Officially Today... I think she gave up. I have issues with neurological visual interpretation sometimes when I stare at the LCD's... I know its weird but I sometimes cannot see any difference in email senders and miss words. Probably good I am science, but hey I can log.

    Anyways, if you want to have fun and help bring some storyline role-play into your day check out the website. Our XO is from Bravo Fleet... she is a CO. Most of the crew uses Stars for their character image. Some have no image due to lack of species coverage fitting thier character description. I just got dressed up in my DS9/VOY uniform put my Lieutenant pips on the collar and took a photo. I know the uniforms have changed, but hey... works for me. Most people don't even use the uniform anyways, they just have the picture like a photo shoot for the star.

    Can be a bit racy photos so some people like that sexy look, what ever works. I haven't really done that side of role-play, but if you are concerned about younger folks just use the email feature. There is nothing graphic about them, and the writing at worst was our Chief Flight Control officer exploring her sexuality in a one night stand that went into no real details. I don't really know what happened to her, but that was a little odd to me as well. Caitian + Magma Roma officer.... Magma Roma Officer I get, Romans were a bit swingy so figures. Anyways shes got the tiger body paint on her picture, not really sure how that happens. Magma Roma officer is a NPC that our Security chief through in to help me with story line. She was taking care of a cross breed between an Atlantian and some sort of Creature of the Blue Lagoon looking thing.


    again check us out:

    Moderators, sorry if I should have put this in your Fan Forum area. I am certain you will move this if it is. Just thought I should apologize as a preemptive. It is a website, it is a fan creative writing group.

    Also: Check out our Wiki on there. I wrote some interesting stuff in under the non-grouped section. It's basically just a bunch of information on how it could work, not the official stuff. I am sure you "canon" guys would cringe. I tried to put in some hints that even though plausible, plasma quanta manipulation is pretty far off. Additionally, you use the "turn off the faucet" theory to get to near light speed.. this would be advanced particle deflection/dampening of space. But subspace is something you need to study before warp becomes possible. so FYI: impulse is always near light speed(so close that it basically is at full impulse), but warp is impulse in subspace...

    I tell you this because I tell everyone, you are traveling at impulse the whole time you are warp with a warp field (subspace field) surrounding you emitted by a deflector. You target that projected field and cross it creating a warp stream... this point of integrability is typically a point in front where the entire ship can be encompassed by the field. the field itself is being emitted at the speed of light... or at least I think. so you have Light speed, less than light speed, traveling through a subspace dampening field allowing you to traverse at faster than light travel, but still very much with energy propulsion rates matching sub-light (even if near light) speed. The field itself is a bit more consumption than that. I like to think about this a lot, but I will tell you up until last night I didn't get the nacelle was basically your plasma valence propulsion all in one contained.

    I was still working under the principal that the two polar fields were separate, which is possible to do... but your stage is not separate in a nacelle its an all in one multi-stage plasma coil + plasma shunt. Giving you your propulsion approaching light speed. The problem is getting a nice pure sample of ionized hydrogen from water. Thats how I would do it. Electrolysis with a very nice environmental systems feed. Plus I was working on anti-matter type power generation last night. You basically do have a very strong DI-atomic lithium molecule which is not the strongest but the strongest simplest. Francium is far too full of particles.

    If you can keep it bonded in it crystalline form you can keep that small amount of anti-matter particle circling giving you a valence electron that follows around from your hydrogen. Very nice because hydrogen is also a great plasma source and Bohrs model is about the best I can think of before Heisenberg complicates things. Anyways that series of valence chase allows you to give a nice power production and a bit of quanta production, kind of odd but I don't know what quanta production would be useful for except there would be magnetic flux all over, which is okay I guess. Magnetic containment of the particle of antimatter is how you store your little bitty supply because you have dissipation big time. You only hope you have enough to keep yourself powered before that particle just disappears.

    But... thats just my explanation. I am sure they have a whole bunch of official ones.

    Something to note that an early plasma deflector may have given you a micro-burst jump. This would only get you a very short distance... and possibly only near light speed, unless you could get that deflector to give you a micro-burst subspace dampening field. The deflector itself is you hydrogen plasma contained with a electrodes trying to manipulate that contained plasma to coil and move generating the reverse affect of quanta. Since Bohr's model is dual directional once again plausible. You are talking rings of trapped plasma that all needs electrode manipulation with preset magnetic operations. basically a plasma ring being controlled by a magnetic electronic components, and sensory because you have your meters in place to do interpretation. A nice deflector would have rings of sensory components with emitters/transmitter circuitry, rings of plasma, rings of sensory components, rings of plasma... and so forth. The goal is to transmit/ receive. Plasma research could be the key to this, but again I didn't invent warp drive. Even if I figured out remotely part of a plausible theory, INVENT implies functional mechanics.
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