Thinking about re-watching Voyager from start to finish.

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by SRFX, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Sep 11, 2009
    To be fair, season seven has a few good episodes (Critical Care, Shattered, The Void and Author Author) but they're in a sea of pure mediocrity, which is hard to stomach after seasons 4-6 were so good.
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    But that one was retarded! They mothballed him!

    I'll admit to being beyond meh over Data's sacrifice.
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    However in retrospect, I do like season 2 & 3 for the character development of Tuvok, Be'Lanna and the Doc.
    I don't think I would have appreciated those characters as much in the later years if it wasn't for s2&3.
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    I like Season 7. I like Seven and the Doc and Janeway. I like them all.
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    I am soooo out of synch, since I loved season 2 & 3. Yes, it had its share of "Spock's brain" type eps, but everything else made up for it.

    The banter between Janeway and Chakotay on the way to the cargo bay near the end of "The 37's", and that hand on her shouder.

    The banter at the end of "Projections" between the EMH and Kes.

    Near the end of "Elogium", when Janeway "compliments" Chakotay..."Good work, Commander. In the future, if I have any questions about mating behaviour, I'll know where to go."

    Watching Tom and Neelix tussle over the pasta and Kes, not to mention the look on Janeway's face when she "inspects" the two immediately after said tussle in "Partruition".

    I liked all of "Persistence of Vison". It gave insights into many of our crews past (B' Elanna, Tom, Tuvok, Janeway) and into their possible futures/abilities (Kes, The EMH.)

    Hey, I'd love to critique the rest of my season favs, but time waits for no-one. Later.