These Are The Voyages, Season 3...

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    In slight defense of TATV, there is no ST book--past or present--free of errors. From The Making of and World of Star Trek, The Star Trek Compendium, Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, Star Trek Memories to Star Trek-Where No One Has Gone Before, all suffer from errors.

    Some also have regurgitated myth sold as fact, gossip, wrongheaded motives for opinion, etc., but as in the case of any Trek history, we have to take the information, cross check (assuming alternate sources are correct) and hope for a clear, accurate picture.
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    Sadly, I live on the other side of the country. Now if someone compiled all those files into one document (something similar was done with the Adam West Batman show - call sheets, memos, actor correspondence), now that would be something worth reading and even paying for.
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    I don't have nearly everything. But PM me.
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    Because Star Trek fans are their own worst enemies.
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    Gee, and all this time I was thinking it was their mirror selves who were their worst enemies.

    More seriously, you'd actually expect trek devotees to take exception to crummy journalism and dubious ethics with regard to image credit and reproduction. I'm amazed and disappointed that there wasn't more backlash, but that's my idealism surfacing from cynicism.
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    Because they're rife with error. Because they could have been Glorious.

    By the way, speaking of errors, Christopher, if you're out there, I just read a thing about Davy Jones in a newspaper saying they were openers for Jimi Hendrix. Nope.