Theory why spore drive isn‘t used later on in Star Trek Universe

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by ChrisRBee, Feb 4, 2019.

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    That's my approach with all the Trek spinoffs. ;)

    It's not a PLOT HOLE. It's a franchise inconsistency but not a story inconsistency. Hence not a PLOT HOLE.

    “Plot hole” is the most overused critique in all critiques, especially for genre works. It’s used to mean “I didn’t like it” or “the character acted like an irrational human” or “it’s a franchise inconsistency”.

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    I think it’ll be the major arc of the season. It’s actually much more intriguing than the Klingon war from the first season.

    Indeed. I think VOYAGER mentioned the Prophets just once and it’s the only other Trek series besides DS9 to do that.
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  3. Tuskin38

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    4 times actually.

    Seska exclaims their name once, it's used in the chant by the Maquis guy who brainwashed the Crew, and mentioned by the Holographic Bajoran in that one Hirogen episode.
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  4. MakeshiftPython

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    Where else were they mentioned? I can only think of Seska’s “thank the Prophets!” from “State of Flux”.
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    I edited my post.
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    Ahhh, S7 VOY. I blocked that off from memory.
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    Just a not so small quibble here. The word theory as used in the thread title is used incorrectly. A theory is something that has been tested so often that it is accepted as true by all, such as the Pythagorean Theorem or the Theory of Evolution. I think what the thread starter should have said is hypothesis or guess. This is a common misconception in our society and why we have so many people who think that theories such as the Theory of Evolution are only best guesses when in fact they have so much evidence backing them up that they are accepted as fact by scientists, mathematicians, etc.
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    You are correct in scientific terms. As I didn‘t propose a scientific hypothesis in a scientific discourse the term theory in its colloquial sense is completely correct. There are many words which habe different meaning in different circumstances. - Still has no bearing to the subject though ^^
  9. SG-17

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    Annorax shows up and erases the spore drive from history.
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  10. RedAlert

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    Maybe its just that the seven red signs are direct consecuence of an mycelian space break due the Discovery travels ... and the red angels are some kind of living creatures of the mycelial network ... and a new treaty is set to Starfleet not to develop this technology ...but the S-31 could use it on very isolated cases sooo... S31 take over the Spore Drive for their secret missions ... and we never talk or hear about it again.

    I'm just random thinking...
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    Remember,Janeway was against harming other species to get home faster (Equinox) so she wouldn’t use the Spore drive if this problem was never solved.

    the angels don’t seem to be acting in any way that would indicate that.

    They’ve been leading the Discovery to people who will need help. Like a guardian angel.
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    Didn't we just figure it out? Using the spore drive was killing May's people.
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    I thought Brexit was killing May's people
  14. Turtletrekker

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    In the interview with Anthony Rapp in this week's Ready Room, he suggested that maybe the spore creature wasn't being entirely honest.
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    Hmm, that makes me wonder... might it be that they'll stop using the network not because we are damaging it but rather to keep whatever's lurking in it from entering our world?
  16. Timo

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    The mycelial thing spans all possible universes. Nothing relating to just one or two species ought to shake it, because if it did, well, it would already have.

    There's always a balancing force there, inferred from the fact that there is balance. We once saw two Stametses slugging it out over the balance issue. Now we're seeing different players doing the same. Neither can win, by default, inferred from the fact that spore network travel does happen and pain to network dwellers does happen. Victories will only be temporary, of local significance, and overturned at the drop of a hat.

    Nothing about this precludes a solution where humans are forced to give up spore network use for good, of course. We are just bit players, after all. But there will always be other users, perhaps other humans, and tardigrades, and whatnot, and May's folks clearly haven't got a clue about what to do to stop them, as they have no clue about how to stop Stamets. Which defines May's folks as bit players, too.

    Timo Saloniemi
  17. Ronald Held

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    Which is why the Spore network must become unusable not banned.
  18. Vger23

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    The spore drive will be retired.

    Next up, though: Deflector Shields based upon rat feces.

    You heard it here first, people.
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    Also torpedoes powered by vietnamese pho noodle soup. They will be called Pho-ton torpedoes....

    I'll show myself out
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    Even if that stops the squeamish Federation from using it, that won't stop the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Dominion, Borg and other more ruthless races from finding the research and using it themselves. Just from Discovery alone, the Klingons must have knowledge the spore drive exists. The Tal Shi'ar, the Founders, and the Obsidian Order will find out too. And the Borg can assimilate the knowledge.