Theory regarding the super-fast trip from Qo'noS to Earth

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    I still think a "Captain's log, we've finally reached Kronos after X days" would have sufficed. Quick, simple, solves whatever issues anyone has with how long space travel is depicted. I think that would have been more preferable to the absurd notion that you can travel between planets at a long distance within 2 mins.
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    The counter to that notion is that such a scene serves no narrative purpose and exists solely to satisfy some arcane technical need. The time it takes to travel between Earth and the Klingon homeworld is completely irrelevant to the story that was being told. It was rightly left out as a consequence.
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    Quite so.
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    Well, apparently if the display in Adm Marcus's office is any indication (about 00:27 in this video, upper right of chart), looks like the wormhole/transwarp network theory is probably canon for this reality.

    Fan-wank: Conventional warp-drive exists, and ships enter the network for high speed travel between certain access points but both called simply "warp drive" in-universe. My guess is a limited section of the Borg/Xindi Network 'discovered' through the data collected from the Narada rather than a locally-made one. Unknown if Starfleet in general knows what the nature of the network is with possible exception of Section 31.
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    I like this explanation, it seems very plausible. :techman:
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    I think that's pretty conclusive to be honest, along with 'Transwarp Beaming' which has also been a feature of the two movies, it is obviously new technology that has been developed in this timeline. I'm not saying I like it - I don't, I prefer my Trek to have at least some grounding in a possible reality and the technology to have limitations, stuff like this messes with us fans!
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    Cosmic strings might make up space lanes, set down by slavers. Warp 5 there might be closer to warp 36.