The unnecessary reboot/remake of the week thread

Legally Blonde is to get a prequel about high school-aged Elle Woods, to stream on Amazon. I like the two original films, but without the law school thing, what is there to distinguish Elle from any other high school It Girl?

Won't work without Reese Witherspoon. Sometimes you just can't replace a actor . This sounds about as dumb as doing a Pirates movie without Johnny Depp. Sometimes a movie or show revolves around a specific actor and any replacement won't work.
Heaven Can Wait is being remade again with Glen Powell.
Again? Is this the 3rd or 4th time?
Off the top of my head, I can think of the original 'Here Comes Mr. Jordan', and 'Heaven Can Wait'. I'm sure there's probably a made for tv or Hallmark movie in there somewhere.
There’s 2001’s Down to Earth with Chris Rock
In addition to the ones mentioned above, there was a made-for-TV adaptation in 1960, the 2000 film Ice Angel that starred Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski, and a pair of Indian adaptations (one in Hindi in 1968, the other in Punjabi in 2018).

James Wan will be the latest to take a crack and remaking The Munsters.
Brave or foolish?
It certainly can't be any worse than that shit Rob Zombie put out a couple years ago. (The man needs to stop casting his wife in everything.)
James Wan will be the latest to take a crack and remaking The Munsters.
Will Ferrell as Herman and John C Reilly as Grandpa, Kristen Wiig as the wife, Sydney Sweeney as the daughters and not sure about kid actors for the boy.
Patrick Gibson (The OA) has been cast as young Dexter Morgan. Christian Slater is Harry. Molly Brown is Debra.
Really liked his "The Gentlemen" show. Has a lot of vintage Ritchie in it, with lots of influence from his earlier Snatch film with some extreme wackiness.

Just to give you a little idea...

Yep... :lol: