The Twilight Saga: Breaking Daw (Part 2) - Discussion and Spoilers

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    This movie comes out... this week. I think? Eh, we'll go with that.


    I got a ticket to a free screening of it tonight so I went ahead and went, long-ass line at the "sold out" theater but managed to get a decent seat.

    I've been harsh on the Twilight Movies given the dubious source material and the sappiness of them (not to mention dubious romantic plot.) I do own the movies on DVD but only for Rifftrax enjoyment. The first two movies were mostly bogged down with the melodrama and the "love triangle" in it between two supernatural creatures and the blandest girl on the planet but the last two movies picked up the action a bit and seemed a bit sharply directed, still weighted down with the action plot.

    Probably to compete with the Harry Potter Books/Movies the last book of the Twilight series was broken into two movies, the first movie certainly felt padded. This movie doesn't seem to suffer from that quite as much but can drag at parts. (re: any part with Bella and Edward looking into each other.)

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

    My Grade: B

    The movie picks up right where the last one left off following a nightmarish impromptu c-section delivering her half-human/half-vampire baby that resulted in the shattering of Bella's spine and having her abdomen ripped open. In desperate attempt to save her Edward injects Bella with a syringe full of his venom as well as bitting her multiple times; at the end of the previous movie we see Bella's frail, broken, form fill out, heal itself and her blood-red eyes awaken.

    As Bella fully comes to she's engorged by the enhanced senses of being a vampire and finds her new "powers" as one difficult to manage, as well as controlling her blood-thirst which poses a problem in dealing with her "alive" daughter, Renesmee. Renesmee's hybrid status makes her alive but also has granted her the random "vampire power" as well as accelerated aging.

    Believing the child to be mortal one turned to a vampire a member of the Cullen family reports this "crime" to the higher-ups of the vampire coven. (Child vampires are powerful, very difficult to control and perceived as a threat to the coven.) The Volturi decide to to pay a visit to the Cullen family and potentially kill the child. Knowing that child IS growing and poses no threat the Cullens call upon the aid of other vampire friends from around the world as well as their werewolf truce to convince the Volturi the child is no threat.

    As a side detail Jacob has "imprinted" on the child, meaning he has an undying love and devotion to her as is Werewolf Law.

    The movie is a bit quicker paced and full of surprises than the other ones and I left the theater actually pretty impressed with what occurred in it which I can't get too much into without delving into spoilers. Having not read the books and only having vague knowledge of them I'm not sure how well what happens in the movie lines up with the book.

    Anyway, I'm sure "Twilight" fans will enjoy the movie no matter what, "Twilight Pure Haters" won't go see it no matter what but if you're like me and sort-of "tolerate" the Twilight movies and can "enjoy" them for what they are you might be pleasantly surprised.

    If you want to know the ending I'll share it in spoiler code, but only read it if you absolutely DO NOT care if you know the ending. I'd almost say this is "Sixth Sense" or "The Usual Suspects" level of "the spoiler will ruin the movie" but not quite that extreme.

    When the Volturi arrive at the "battle ground" between the Cullen Clan/Werewolf Pack, Alice (whose "vampire power" allows her to see the future) talks to the lead Volturi (whose "vampire power" allows him to see into the mind of anyone whose hand he touches) she quickly realizes no matter what the Volturi intended to kill and destroy those who stand with the Cullens as they perceive the child as a potential threat (even knowing her true nature.)

    A large brawl begins between the groups resulting in the deaths of Carlisle, Jasper and others of the Cullen family as well as the Volturi. Jacob takes off with Renesmee who has a backpack with faked passports for both her and Jacob; hopefully allowing them to get to safety and live out their lives together.

    The brawl escalates leading to the death of the leader of the Volturi as Edward and Bella work together to break off his head (the only way to "kill" a Twilight vampire.) As the camera pulls form his eyes in a burning fire we snap back in time to before the fight, it all being a vision of what Alice currently sees as the "future."

    Realizing the battle will only end in his own "death" and needless bloodshed the head Volturi decides to leave the Cullens alone as the child poses no threat which is further helped by the testimony of another human/vampire found by Alice. He states that he aged for a few months before reaching the permanent age of someone in their late teens, where he has been for over 100 years thus further proving hybrids pose no threat to the Volturi or the "secrecy" of Vampires.
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