The Star Trek iceberg

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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    Nobody's batted an eyelid at Naked Valeris on the Bridge. I didn't expect that rumour to be so well known?
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    AI Generated Madness
    I’m sure fanboys are hoping to find the negatives.
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    Greener pastures, working on something great.
    I recognise most, but not all, of Tiers 1 -6. Tiers 7 & 8 are more difficult. And the only reason I reach Tier 8 is because of Valeris.
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    Journeying onwards
    It's beneath notice.
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    Doesn't the story go that Nimoy destroyed them?

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    AI Generated Madness
    Yep, but fanboys gotta fanboy.
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    Level 1: Know all about that.

    Level 2:
    Star Trek Continues: One of the better fan productions from what little I saw. Better than that other long running fan series that seemed a bit goofy to me.
    Of Gods and Men: Remember seeing it. Eh.
    Novelverse: Never read too many novels.
    Encyclopedia and Tech Manuals: Only ever had the Star Trek Chronology. Be nice if they ever made an updated version some day. I would skim the DS9 Tech Manual at Barnes and Nobles from time to time.
    Star Trek Online: Played for a bit way back when. Got bored with it after a while, felt too repetitive.
    Comics: Some great, Some good, Some terrible.
    K/S: Not going there.
    Renegades: Used to get emails asking me to fund this. Nope.
    Shatnerverse: Star Trek: The Return, right?

    Level 3:
    Rihannsu: Diane Duane novels, never read them.
    Gold Key Comics: Hard pass
    Known Space: Larry Niven, the Kzinti, never read them.
    Hidden Frontier: Cancelled (book?) from which Ships of the Line calendars spun off.
    FASA: Official Star Trek RPG until TNG Season 1. Saw a lot of these ship design in fan mods for Star Trek Armada, Star Trek Bridge Commander, and the Starfleet Command series.
    Impossible Ready Room Window: Yep, especially from outside.
    Cetacean Ops: From TNG Tech Manual and TNG Writer's Bible, yes? Dolphin tanks?
    Ships of the Starfleet: Quasi-canon fanon Tech Manual thing. Is this where we get the Bonhomme Richard and Archernar subclasses for the Constitution class? And where the registries on display in Court Martial are assigned to a list of Constitution class ships?
    Star Trek V isn't canon: Neither is VI, according to Roddenberry.
    Prod Nero and S'chn T'gai: No idea what these are.
    Starfleet Academy: Proposed followup to Star Trek IV. Enterprise concept art looks like TOSified NX class.
    Kurtzman Fired: According to Midnight's Edge.

    Level 4:
    Transporter Killing and Duplicating You: If they worked based on quantum entanglement, maybe.
    Best of Trek: Subjective. Wasn't there a DVD collection with that name?
    Saavik marries Spock: Early TNG "Sarek" script mentioned Picard attending the wedding. I think I also read it in a DC Star Trek comic, don't remember which.
    Klingons' 2 penises: Well Discovery made it official.
    Riker's Holodeck ENT Fantasy: Heard that before.
    Zar, Interstat, XMTPR...: No idea what these are. Interstat sounds familiar, but can't tell you what it means or where I might have heard it.
    Canadian Borg: Also no idea what this is about.
    Worf and Russian Accent: Cause of his adopted parents', right?
    James R. Kirk: Where No Man has Gone Before Tombstone. There was a TNG novel where it stated this episode took place in a different universe than the Prime one, hence the James R. Kirk.
    Love Instructors: TMP Novelization
    Q vs. Spock: Audio recordings by John deLancie and Leonard Nimoy where they play their respective Trek characters. They were recording in front of a live audience.
    Starfleet Battles: Stephen J. Cole's zany Trek themed Warsim universe. Spawned the Starfleet Command games. I've also seen these designs appearing in fan mods for Star Trek games.

    Level 5
    McCoy cheating on his wife: Never heard of this. Is this related to that unproduced TOS episode that would have been about his daughter, Joanna?
    The Doctor and The Enterprise: No idea what this is supposed to be about. The EMH MK 1 in First Contact? The Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comics?
    47: Repeating number in the Star Trek (mostly TNG era?) 42 adjusted for inflation.
    Morgan Primus: Some novelverse thing which tried to connect all of Majel Barrett's portrayals.
    Saavik Pregnant: Heard of this. She banged the Young Spock on Genesis when he undergoing pon farr.
    Saavik is Spock's daughter: Never heard of this. I recall a comic where Spock finds Saavik on an abandoned Romulan or Vulcan settlement/military base during TOS and Spock sends her to live with Sarek and Amanda. It's also stated Saavik is part Romulan.
    Kraith: No idea what this is.
    Brent Spiner Justice League idea for Star Trek: Never heard of this.
    Wesley being Picard's son: I've heard of this this. Seems plausible to me.
    Surak Internet Blogger: No idea what to make of this. Is this a meme?
    Enterprise is another universe: Heard it. Used by detractors to decanonize Enterprise. Some Enterprise fans used the 'First Contact changed history' part to explain the seeming retcon of early Star Trek Universe history, although they still considered Enterprise to be part of Trek canon.
    Bob Orci: He was writing or wrote a follow-up to Into Darkness, but Paramount had other ideas. I don't know if we ever learned what his story was about.
    Tiberius Chase: Main character for a rejected Star Trek prequel movie about the Earth-Romulan War. Chase would have been an ancestor of Kirk. I think the name might also have been used for a rejected animated series set several centuries after Voyager.

    Level 6:
    Enterprise XCV-330: The original predecessor to the NCC-1701 before the NX-01, as seen in TMP. Images and models of it have appeared on Enterprise and JJverse Trek, so it might have really existed in the Star Trek Universe.
    Hoshi dies on Tarsus: As seen on the display in the episode "In a Mirror, Darkly"
    Khest and Nu Ormenel: No idea.
    Probert's Enterprise-C: As seen in the briefing room for 3 seasons on TNG. As not seen in Yesterday's Enterprise.
    How the Federation economy works: Socialism, with a little bit of capitalism?
    Roddenberry Canon: Um...First 2 seasons of TOS...TMP...and first 2 seasons of TNG?
    Alternate Universe 4: No idea, unless you mean what some consider CBS All Access Trek to be. Or there being more than one Mirror Universe.
    President Archer: Isn't that also seen on the display on in "In a Mirror, Darkly". And Archer was dressed in that formal office jumpsuit in These are The Voyages.
    Planet of the Titans: Rejected Star Trek film idea where the crew learn about an extinct race of advance aliens known as the Titans, only to go back in time to become the Titans. Ralph McQuarrie drew some concept art for the new Enterprise, which influenced the look of the USS Discovery.
    Enterprise-A Transwarp: Wasn't this mentioned in the FASA RPGs? Or some fanon publications?
    New Humans: TMP Novelization, again.
    Archer is Future Guy: That was the plan for Season 5 according to people who worked on the show.

    Level 7:
    Sahaj: No idea.
    Grup: Miri's world slang for Grown-up. Also the title of Star Trek slash fiction magazine.
    Badass Robeau: Internet meme from around the time of Star Trek '09.
    Final Frontier Animated Series: No idea. I think it might have been a cancelled idea for a TOS CGI animated show, or the previously mentioned animated show with Tiberius Chase.
    Time Lady Guinan: Guinan was not a normal El-Aurien. She was on Earth during the Victorian era. I think there was a (cut) scene from Generations which explained her gaining her powers from being in the Nexus. Is this what is being referenced?
    Sherlock Holmes Spock: I think I've heard about this. I think it was a joke/hoax.
    Snoop Dogg: No idea.
    78 decks: That infamous label seen in a (turbo lift) shaft in Star Trek V.
    Who conquered Vulcan?: That line from TOS where McCoy claims Spock's people were conquered. Never mentioned ever again. Early show weirdness from when Star Trek was conceived as Wagon Train in space, and Vulcans were Native American analogues (like maybe humans conquered them).
    Gray Orions: No idea. Is this a reference to the Orion Pirates from TAS?
    Benny Russel: Well doesn't Far Beyond the Stars imply all of Star Trek might be Benny's imagination?
    Voyager's Shuttles: Where did they get all those parts to build more? The mythical Shuttlebay 1?

    Level 8: FINAL LEVEL!
    725m: Length of the JJ-prise?
    Spock shot JFK: Another rejected film idea.
    Xixobrax and Gentleman Jeff: No idea.
    Cestus Project: A joint venture between the Federation and Gorn to rebuild Cestus III colony? Am I right?
    Vulcan Genitalia: A popular subject in slash fic magazines like Gurps.
    Here comes the bride: I actually looked this up. So a couple of Trek actors make cameos in this episode, along with guest stars from other shows. Don't see how this would fit into canon as they're not portraying Trek characters (at least I don't think, I never saw the episode.)
    Pike's Hat: On his TV in The Cage.
    Naked Valeris: A weird illusion caused by lighting and her positioning behind another person, IIRC.
    James Dixon: Had interesting views on Star Trek canon and Star Trek in-universe history. The Curtis Saxton of Star Trek.

    Did I win?
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    No Sombrero-prize?
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    The Wormhole
    A whole series of novels written by William Shatner with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens which, with the exception of the first, centre around Kirk being resurrected in the 24th century and generally upstaging the TNG characters at every turn. The novels consist of:
    The Ashes of Eden
    The Return
    Dark Victory
    Captain's Peril
    Captain's Blood
    Captain's Glory
    Collision Course
    Also mentioned on screen in Yesterday's Enterprise (in a PA announcement).
    S'chn T'gai I believe is supposed to be Spock and Sarek's last name.
    VHS, actually. Jason Alexander played Captain Kirk, in command of Voyager because that bridge set was available.
    According to the Destiny novel trilogy by David Mack, one of the first Borg drones was a Canadian MACO assigned to the Columbia NX-02 when that ship got thrown thousands of year in the past and set into motion the events which led to the creation of the Borg.
    Brent Spiner proposed a Star Trek movie in which every Trek crew teams up to fight an alliance of their worst villains. Paramount entertained the idea until Nemesis bombed, where they subsequently abandoned it.
    Also endorsed by Brannon Braga towards the end of Enterprise's second season as a byproduct of him getting sick of hearing about all the continuity violations committed by Enterprise and as a means of creating suspense and a sense that anything can happen in the upcoming Xindi story arc of the third season.
    It was supposed to be about Shatner returning as Prime Kirk on a quest to restore the Prime Universe. Quinto Spock would be torn between his loyalties to the Kelvin Timeline and the opportunity to undo Vulcan's destruction.
    Also a hot button argument subject among fandom. We've already spoken too much on this matter.
    First five seasons of TNG are included.
    It's in reference to Spock's line in TUC in which he quotes the Holmes line about eliminating the impossible whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth, which Spock attributes to an ancestor of his.
    Snoop Dogg directed and starred in a movie which also stars a lot of Star Trek actors.
    This specific reference is to a proposed final scene of DS9 where a frustrated Benny Russell tosses his script in the garbage. A janitor then comes by, picks the script up, reads it, likes it and takes it with him. The janitor's nametag is seen at the end to have "Gene" written on it.
    Kim Cattrall had nude photos of herself taken on the bridge of the Enterprise from TUC while having her Valeris make-up on. The film was allegedly confiscated and destroyed by Leonard Nimoy.
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    Older than that, Best of Trek was a series of compilation books which contained articles from the fanzine Trek.
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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    That's the one! Although I've learned more today since I had no idea the stuff The Wormhole mentioned existed.
    Nope! An obscure Star-Trek-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off technical manual from the mid 90's. Download (with permission from the author) HERE
    Barbara Hambly's Star Trek novel Ishmael is essentually an unauthorized crossover, where Spock is sent to Earth's past.
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    I keep telling folks, it wasn’t the iceberg itself, but the high sulfur steel that...wait... what?
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    Oh and I missed it the first read through but wasn't Hidden Frontier a TNG/DS9 era fan series centered around Commander Shelby?
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    Impossible ready room windows are make me paranoid all around the years.
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    Thanks to all the people who replied to, corrected, and filled in the gaps in my post. The Kim Cattrall thing is interesting. I looked around the web, but it seems to be mostly a rumor; no hard evidence that she actually took nude photos on the Ent-A bridge. I also goofed on Hidden Frontier. That indeed was a fan film series. Unseen Frontier was the cancelled coffee table book that lead to the creation of Ships of the Line.
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    A type 13 planet in it's final stage
    Anything anyone feels should have been on the iceberg that I missed out?
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    I think I missed this thread when it was originally posted. Naked Valeris on the Bridge was the first thing I Googled. :whistle:

    New Humans? I don't even have a general idea what that's referring to.
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    I think that refers to the novelization of TMP, where it is said that outside of Starfleet the bulk of humanity has prusued transhumanism and become "New Humans" who gather in telepathic mass minds and stuff like that.
    At least that's what I heard here on the forum when the subject came up some years ago.
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    The Wormhole
    The New Humans idea eventually evolved into the people from TNG Justice. Only the ones from Justice wore significantly more clothes.
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    The iceberg should be bifurcated.