The Reverend and the Skeptic (A Christopher Pike fic)

Marie Nomad

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Christopher Pike belongs to Star Trek. The Reverend belongs to me.

The Reverend and the Skeptic

By Marie Nomad

Christopher Pike does not believe in the Abrahamic God. He was raised Catholic but stopped believing in an omnipotent being who created the Earth in seven days. Science has explained everything, even that there are alien life forms on other planets. There are even aliens who could do the things in the Bible. Chris never forgot about the Talosians, who could warp reality with their minds. He sighed as he also remembered Vina, trapped over there as well. For all he knew, the Humans in the past were visited by some alien race and were tricked into believing in a God. After all, Starfleet has accidentally done that sort of thing at least once.

Yet, there are people out there who believe in an omnipotent God who created Humanity, created the Universe, and cared for them. They go out to look for him in the depths of space. If there was a god, he didn’t meet him. Chris had seen too much to believe that a higher power was responsible for creating the Universe. To him, the Bible is just a collection of stories about morality, about being a good leader. He was on leave and was visiting Earth just to check on the Montana cabin, getting things ready for when life as he knew it ended. He decided to visit the Garden of Gethsemane. He visited the lush gardens with trees that had been around since ancient times. This garden had some scars from the Augment war, but it was still standing, protected by the people who still believed in a Man in the Sky. The area was serene as he walked through the garden, it was quiet. He gazed up at the trees and felt the weight of his destiny crushing on him. After he discovered his fate could not be changed, he looked up stories about people forced to follow fate or choose to do it to save others.

The myth that stood out to him the most was the one of Jesus Christ. Chris couldn’t help but remember how the story of Jesus praying in the Garden. He was so scared that he sweated blood. Chris started to cry as he related to him. Jesus Christ had the power to leave everyone behind and get off the cross, but he didn’t. Jesus was scared. Chris was scared. Tears came down his face as he thought of his future as a mere husk of his former self, trapped in a life support chair. Unlike Jesus, he will not be able to come back from that fate. “I don’t want to go on that ship!” He cried.

“Are you okay?” A man his age asked as he walked up. He was human with gray hair and a long black robe of a priest. “I don’t usually see Starfleet members around here.”

“Oh… sorry,” Chris said sheepishly. “It’s just… I have to go somewhere, and I’m scared. I can’t tell you. It’s classified.”

“I understand.” The man said. “Most people come here because of history, to look at these trees. They have been here since the Age of Christ.”

“It’s peaceful.” Chris sighed. “Why do you believe that there is a being that shaped the Universe and cared about us, mere humans? There are countless species out there that have been around since before humanity was around. For all we know, Jesus was a visiting alien.”

“True, it is easy to believe that there was an advanced alien out there that somehow created us. Many people believe that the reason that we live in an advanced society is because Humanity has turned away from religion. I believe differently. God creates humans to show him glory. Even now, there are people out there looking for Eden, for God.” He gazed upward. “There is a God, and he cares for us, he cares for you. Jesus Christ had gone to the Cross for you and came back for you.” The priest put his hand on Chris’ shoulder. “There is light at the end of that tunnel.”

“I don’t see it,” Chris confessed. “You haven’t seen the things I have. What’s your name?”

“I’m Reverend Nikos Athanasiou and you?”

“Captain Christopher Pike.”

“Your name has the name of ‘Christ.’ Even in this day and age, there are traces of Jesus.” Nikos commented. “I see things that you have not seen.”

Chris chuckled as he thought about it. It was such a common name; he didn’t even think about it. “I’m not like Jesus.”

“No, he’s perfect. We are not.” He stared at Chris with an almost penetrating gaze filled with concern.

“We live in a Utopian society. It’s nothing like the ancient times.”

“And yet, you are troubled by something and you came here to an ancient place alone and talking to a man who believes in something that doesn’t exist.” Nikos held up his paper Bible. Chris was amazed that he wasn’t carrying a datapad. “Humanity hasn’t changed all that much in ancient times. We still suffer the same problems of sin but with better technology. If we are content, why are there still people looking for God or Eden?”

“Okay, you have a point. I like nature. Nature is peaceful.”

“May I pray for you?”

“You don’t know why I need prayer.”

“God does.” He smiled at him with a sense of confidence that Chris just felt at ease. This man just felt so warm and loving towards him, a light in the darkness. Chris had to wonder how this man could believe in something that did not exist. Even with all the technology, Starfleet hasn’t been able to find God.

“Then, why are you going to pray?”

“A father usually waits for his child to ask before giving. And he will give things in his way even if we don’t understand it at the time.” The reverend held out his hand. Chris took the hand. It felt rude to refuse just a simple request. If the reverend was wrong, then the prayer would be harmless. Besides, Chris needs as much strength as he can get.

“Oh, Heavenly Father, please grant this man the strength to face the challenge ahead. Show your love for him, carry his burden. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.”

“Amen.” He muttered. Chris felt his burden lighten as if someone had listened to him. Maybe, he needed to vent it out to a stranger or just the thought of someone being a comfort to him. “Thank you.”

Maybe, there was a reason Christianity was still around even in this era.

The End