The Returning Tide (Voyager, Eternal Tide Spoilers)

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    Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Star Trek Voyager, and am only borrowing them. Don't sue me, I'm broke anyway. This story has SPOILERS for the recent novel The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer, and is in effect a unofficial continuation.

    The Returning Tide: The Continuation of Captain Eden.

    The younger Q and Captain Afsarah Eden, the embodiment of the O Continuum and sworn enemy f the Q, combined their power on the battle bridge of Voyager. They saw Captain Janeway flinch from the sudden display of power, then both disappeared from the confined space.

    A thought sent Q and Eden hurtling towards the rift where the O Continuum was breaking through to reality, possibly dooming the universe. As they entered the rift Q diverted a moment, rescuing Captain Chakotay from his shuttle then sending him back to Voyager.

    “Thank you,” Eden said, having gotten to like the man when they served together.

    “No problem,” Q shrugged, “he didn't deserve this.”

    Within the O Continuum, both beings reached out with their powers to feel the other rifts between the continuum and the universe. Other than the big 'rip' in the Delta Quadrant there were small tears all across the galaxy... and even far beyond it. Combining their powers it was easy to close the smaller ones, 'knitting' reality back together.

    Guiltily Eden plucked her uncle Tallar from the continuum and returned him to Jobin's side. The men who had raised her deserved better too, she only wished the other human who had been trapped here were still around to be saved.

    Q nodded approvingly, then the two set to work closing the last rift. The act would probably destroy them both, but it would save the universe and the lives of people they loved. In their minds, it was worth it.

    As the final rift near closed both Eden and Q cried out as a force yanked on them powerfully. “What's happening?” Q demanded.

    “I don't know, I...,” Eden started, then in a final burst of power they were gone.


    Amanda Rogers, formerly human and now a Q, was trying to figure out why she wasn't dead. She, along with Q, had been investigating why his future appeared to.. well, END. Just about now, actually. Anyway, they had found various clues, and she had foolishly decided to investigate one on her own.

    Amanda had trusted her Q born omnipotence to protect her, but... something happened when she contacted the void. Now she found herself floating in the void of space, and she felt very certain she had lost some time.

    As Amanda tried to get her bearings she 'felt' the cries of someone in distress, and nearby. A normal Q might have ignored it, but Amanda was still human enough to wonder what was going on, so she teleported over for a closer look. She was astonished to see the young Q and a human female, both apparently dying of decompression.

    Grabbing both Amanda transported them all to the nearest Earth-like world, using her powers to heal both, though why Q was hurt was perplexing. She waited impatiently for both to recover then demanded, “What's going on?”

    “No idea,” the woman admitted. She was actually taller than Amanda, and dark as Amanda was pale. She looked at Q, “Q?”

    “Not sure,” the young man admitted. He looked at Amanda, then with a sigh summarized what they had learned and done.

    “Wow,” Amanda conceded as she digested what she had been told. “So when I tried to use my powers on the O continuum, it yanked me in and temporarily erased me, somehow. But why are we all back?”

    “Well, the O continuum was destabilized by foreign matter,” Eden offered after a moment, “it could be it.... ejected us, after we fixed it. I mean, I'm part human and Q is whatever you are. We didn't belong in there so it spat us out.”

    “So what happened to my powers?” the younger Q demanded.

    “You still FEEL like a Q to me,” Amanda said after studying him, “could be you burnt out your powers for while.”

    Q had the oddest expression on his face, a mix of fear and wonder. “So the reason I couldn't see my future was because I lost my powers?” he mused. A broad grin split his face. “Ya HOO!”

    “Think he's okay?” Eden asked curiously.

    “Give him a minute,” Amanda said fondly.

    “I'm ALIVE! I'm going to stay alive! You have no idea how much of a relief this is,” Q cheered as he capered around.

    “I can sympathize,” Eden agreed, knowing the relief of no longer being the avatar of a destructive force and having a free destiny once more.

    “You're alive and loud,” an amused woman noted.

    Eden turned to look and instantly recognized the woman from Voyager's files. “You're Kes?” she asked, faintly awed.

    As Q looked at her curiously Amanda shrugged. “This was the first habitable world I thought of,” she said simply.

    “We need to get Eden home, then let my parents know we're alive...” Q mused even as he watched Kes introduce herself to Eden. There were a lot of things to do and he was again overjoyed to know he had all the time he needed to do them.


    Notes: To be honest I found the deaths of Captain Eden, Q and Amanda pretty damn pointless, so after some thought I came up with a fix. I THINK this makes sense in the context of the book.