The Return

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    Neelix saw blackness all around him. He could feel the coldness of nothingness as he floated in limbo but then he saw a man, a angry man also in limbo looking at him. He didn't want to look because he made him scared inside for reasons he could only feel as impressions of a memories of another life. The other man though unlike him had movement. He tried to flail his arms to move but nothing. The other man though was coming closer and closer with his arms out. The man was black, wearing a gold Starfleet uniform with a mixture of Talaxian and Vulcan features.

    The man started to scream in rage and Neelix could not move. It was to much. He felt panic but literally couldn't feel it. The man grabbed him and Neelix woke. He was in his bed aboard Voyager. Sweat glistened over his body and even his wiskers felt musky and wet. "Nightmare" he told himself to calm down. "Neelix I need to see you in my ready room as soon as possible" Captain Janeway's voice over the ship's communication made Neelix nervous for some reason. He didn't know why but he just felt it.

    After getting dressed and cleaned Neelix left his quarters to go meet the Captain. It wasn't a busy day aboard the ship. Just another day flying through warp. People were friendly and relaxed as they went about their business and he would give everyone a friendly smile or "Nice Day" as he headed to the bridge but the nervousness was starting to give way to a little fear.

    "Hello Mr Vulcan" he said as he saw Tuvok standing outside of Janeway's ready room with two security officers." "Neelix the Captain is very busy. Try and keep your usual jovial manner at bay a little. We found out their is a possible mission soon that will put the entire crew at risk" Neelix then answered "It's a good thing then I brought this" he pulled out a padd to show Tuvok "On this padd I think I found away to get the ship home soon by talking to this man I used to know who is kind of a expert in warp fields" "We will see" Tuvok added.

    Neelix opened the doors and went into the ready room and then froze. Everthing turned black. He was in the empty void again only now he could here people, the Voyager crew yelling and some crying out in fear and klaxons going on and then he was out of it again.

    Neelix eyes grew wide and he dropped the padd but it wasn't a pad. It was a phaser. He looked over and saw Janeway dead body slumped over in her chair. Tears started to form in his eyes and then noticed the ready room doors were not fully closed and he looked and saw a arm was in the middle keeping them from fully closing. He walked over to the doors and they opened fully and their laid Tuvok and two security guards dead. The klaxons were going. The entire bridge crew was dead at their posts. "Neelix to anyone! Report to the Bridge" he yelled as he tapped his comm badge. He then felt the cold as the man returned!

    "Their all dead father/mother" said the man "I am Tuvix" Same man from the dream but he was all blurry as if not really solid. . "Who are you" Neelix said grabbing at a phaser from one of the dead security guards and pointing it at him. "I was your son. Not surprised Janeway didn't tell you about me or my other father/mother" as he looked sadly at Tuvok's dead body. "Part of me lived inside your mind though these last few years clawing my way back to life. I am basically you now. Your body belongs to me and through you I killed all these murderers because of what they did" "They would never kill without reason. Your a monster " Neelix yelled.

    "You can't stop me. I have been you for the whole day. That walk to the bridge. That was me. You were just aware and along for the ride Well that and I released poison air into most of the ship the night before making it easier to take out who was left." None of it happened as you thought it did. My revenge was your mirage. In fact your talking to yourself right now" said Tuvix.

    Neelix noticed that he had switched. He was now blurry. Tuvik but in his body stood their smiling. "I really wanted to honor you and Tuvok" when I was alive, really alive but I now I know I need to forget the past and become a new man" Tuvik said. "You can go now father/mother. Thank you for my life but I got a ship of my own. No enemies and life to live. I don't need you anymore." Neelix looked down starting to fade and fade and realized it was..... "Over" Tuvik said out loud. "Time to live" Tuvik sat down in the Captain's chair and relaxed as he pondered the possibilities.

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