The problem of the time travel plot

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    So here is a copy of a post I made an Reddit. I'm making a copy of it here to raise discussion about what parts of ENT worked, which failed and in the hopes that people in the ENT community have had same ideas in the past but thought out more thoroughly.

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    Dec 15, 2012
    Not sure it would work out in the end. The perspective shift forced upon the viewer might hit too close to home.

    I mean, as a story, of course it's a great twist. Realising someone on the good side is actually on the wrong side and vice versa at the end are tried and true plot devices that work well. (Like for example, that in the Harry Potter saga, Professor Snape was on the good side after all.) Also the twist that the future "the enemy" tries to reach is actually the Trek Prime timeline, and is better than the future Daniels comes from is a nice perspective changer.

    The problem is though that by this point in the series Daniels would be seen as a force for good, a hero, and probably also be in close collaboration with Archer, so people would have been rooting for him for many episodes, identify with him, only to discover that he's on the wrong side (even though he's not "evil" as such). Not sure people would enjoy to be "cheated" for years in that manner.

    To give an analogue with the earlier Harry Potter example: Suppose that in the last few pages of the final book, it turned out that Hermione (or Ron) was a Voldemort incarnation all along, building trust for years, only to be able to strike at the instant Harry was at his most vulnerable, critical time. Plotwise, it would be a great twist, but I'm still not sure the readers would appreciate it.
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    It is a very long review and I didn't read all. No, I am not the "lol, I didn't read" type, but it had started with too many wrong information. Suliban war not Kzinti slave race, Shatner didn't write S1E9 (Did he ever write a ST episode?) , etc. I don't remember when said Daniels to Archer that Klingons, Vulcans and Cardassians didn't make it. Archer didn't know about Cardassians at all. I am not sure, if he/she really watch the show. So I gave up. :ack:
    Sorry, for my ignorance but where did the guy get all those "information" ?
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    It was all his own speculation on how the show could have been set up. Its not a bad what-if story.
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    I think time travel has become generally an overused device for bad Sci-Fi.

    I like time travel on one speed setting, 1 sec/sec, relativity allowing.
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    Had they properly pre-planned the Temporal Cold War, it could have been amazing.

    Instead they farted out whatever contradictory nonsense suited them at the time.
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