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    "So many people I haven't insulted..."
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    TV sensibilities have changed a lot since TNG first aired so The Orville can probably get away with stuff that TNG writers never would have dared to try. Having said that, this ep is an example of that. TNG dealt with the issue of holodeck addiction in a humorous way whereas "Primal Urges" flat out deals with porn addiction and shows us half naked male Moclans touching and licking!
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    Second this. Every time I recalled "Hollow Pursuits" I always thought it was a comedy episode, with Holo-Worf, Riker, and Picard as the Merry Men, Holo-Troi yelling "I am the Goddess of EMPATHY!!" and so forth. Never really thought about the episode's underlying message.

    With "Primal Urges" there was no need for the writers to cover up the main point, as they're able to screen it in a loud and clear manner....
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    Good call!
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    I'm very late getting around to watch this episode but I really enjoyed it! I do wonder if they re-filmed the Topa scenes just so it was in continuity with the rest of the episodes?

    The only thing that bugged me was they said they could only take 30 people on the shuttle yet when we saw the shuttle there was lots of spare room visible on board. While it could have been a mass restriction, I'm not sure how they could have estimated they could only take exactly 30 people. You'd think kids would count as roughly half a full person for starters.
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    This was a fun episode. Basically "Hollow Pursuits" put through a Seth McFarlane filter and swapping Barlcay for Worf.

    Loved the Tardigrade costume. Between that and definitely-not-a-Krill-infiltrator Tyler, they're poking fun at their internet "rival"

    Captain Mercer came off as competent here, a big step up from last week where he was pathetic, whiny and lovesick.

    I'm curious about the Orville's crew. In this episode Mercer says he has a crew of 300, but how many are civilians or kids?
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    I would imagine that civilians are considered passengers, so the three hundred should refer to the people who actually work on the ship, but I don't know if that's how they mean it.
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    I just recently caught this one. Season 2 of The Orville is off to a slow start. I don't care much for the soapy relationships. Although, I have to admit that the method of divorce was quite amusing. The drama of the doomed civilization and the fact that they could rescue only 30 out of 75 should've been huge, but it was wasted. A real mish-mash of an episode that ended up being meh.
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    Isaac's line about John being long dead and forgotten by the time our Sun goes red super giant sounds a lot more foreboding knowing what we do now about his mission.