The Old Republic MMO - can you help a complete beginner?

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    Hello Guys,

    I really have no idea where to turn for help ... so I hope maybe some people will be nice enough here to answer all my questions ...

    I have recently started SW: TOR, have never played anything online in my life ... :wah:So guess what it's more frustration than joy. I am already a Level 22 Jedi Knight but mainly because some people can see what a dummy I am and how lame my fighting technique is so they either help me or simply win the battles for me. Not much fun to be honest so I would appreciate any help with the game.

    Please note that I would like you to answer my questions and not some kind of "tutorial". Those seem to be useless, I've watched infinite amounts of those on YouTube and still nobody has ever explained why I can't even equip a medpac.

    So if you have the patience, help me, if not, just leave this thread, please. Any help is appreciated and don't forget I basically know nothing about nothing so explain things like you are speaking to a three year-old.

    I am a free player (thank God I didn't pay for getting myself killed every second minute :D) and I guess this limits a lot of things. People are trying to chat with me but I can't answer them back so I can't even ask them what to do in a situation. That's why I thought I'd turn to you guys - hoping that some of you can answer my questions.

    And then let's start with three questions:
    1) How do I equip a medpac and why can't I?
    Once I have done that ... how do I put it on during a fight scene?

    2) How can I speak to people who try to get in contact with me? When I was in a group I was kicked out by the group leader because not only didn't (=couldn't) I do what had to be done but I was "unwilling" to join the group chat. But every button in the group chat window was inactive so how could I have joined them?

    3) When I used to play KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC, I could simply pause the game somehow and open different windows while I was trying to figure out what to do. This time while I was looking at my equipment and stuff, the Flash Raiders came and ate me ... :brickwall:
    Is there no way to pause the game without the danger of being killed?
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    1. It is a consumable so one doesn't wear it but you can drag it from the inventory to your abilities bar for easier access. In addition, some medpacs are usable only at higher levels.

    2. These must be recent chat restrictions for those who haven't spent at least 5 dollars on the game. The /say function could be a workaround but your text would only seen by those nearby.

    3. It's a shared play environment so you cannot pause the world for others. There are safe zones though.
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    Pretty sure anyone can use party and ops chats. Not being able to do so would affect other players, so I can't imagine them restricting that.

    You were probably just in the wrong chat prompt. But it should have switched automatically when you joined the party/operation. I can't remember the command text offhand - but it should be either "/p" or "/party." But you can always click the cog wheel. and select it.

    And as @O'Dib said, you don't equip consumables. They just stay in your bag and you drag/drop into a hotbar. But you should never need to use them. Put Kira/T7 on heal mode. (Right click their portrait and select heal option.) But again, you shouldn't have to because that's the default. Companions can keep you alive through 98% of solo content. The other 2% is more a matter of insufficient gear and/or skill use - in which case a medpack isn't going to help you anyway.

    Medpacks are really a holdover from pre 3.0 meta. I don't use them for endgame anymore, because if it gets to the point I have to use one - then we've probably already wiped. The only time I would is for KotFE Mastery mode, but I never do that any more (no point) and I'm guessing you'll never get that far.

    MMOs - or rather cooldown-based MMOs - are a lot different from single player RPGs. There one of those things that seem totally foreign and frustrating and then you'll have that "Ahh!" moment when all the light bulbs come on. And everything will make sense--well, more or less.

    But there's a lot to learn and, unfortunately, the game does a really poor job of teaching it to you. This may sound silly, but since you can play WoW to level 20, I'd almost suggest downloading that and fumbling through the low end stuff for a few days. It does a much better job of teaching you proper cooldown execution and mechanics.

    Short of that, the best I can tell you is read (Dulfy!) and try to find some good youtube videos. And I'll try to fill in what I can.

    The first thing though is focusing on your character type. You said you were a Knight. Are you a Sentinel or Guardian? If you're a Sent, then, honestly, I'd suggest starting over.

    That might be a tough nut to swallow. But Sents are probably the worst class for a beginner - which is problematic because a lot of beginners pick them (Because two is better than one!) and they just fumble through the game and get frustrated. All three "specs" (specializations) are situational, reactionary, and procedural - which is just a snobbish/elitist way of saying "Not for newbs." If you don't know what you're doing, you'll just flail your glowsticks around like a crazy monkey on coke, which my look funny, but will make the game a real slog.

    The other thing I'd say is go play a ranged class for a few days or weeks even. Ranged is much easier to get a handle on for a beginner, because there's a lot more time to think. A Lightning-Sorcerer/Telekinetic-Sage is your best bet. It's the most stupid-proof spec in the game. It gets knocked a lot by advanced players because it's been under-performing in endgame, but the reasons why are not relevant to you. For solo playing, it's perfectly fine and, like you said, it's pretty impossible to fuck it up.

    Of these, I'd go with the Sorc. The story is a lot of fun - in a whacky WTF sort of way - and is kind of like the "anti-KOTOR 3." (If that makes sense.)

    Next would be Gunnery-Commando/Arsenal-Merc. It's currently the most popular spec in the game. It's (IMO) the second most fun spec in the game. And while actually doing damage is even easier then the sage/sorc, it isn't quite as newb friendly.

    Snipers/Slingers are the most 'advanced" of the three ranged classes (all specs), but the one caveat here is you might want to try a Sniper just because the Operative story is exceptional. And I'd highly recommend playing through it at some point anyway.

    But if you're dead-set on playing a Knight - as the story is essentially the successor to KOTOR - then I'd go with a Focus-Guardian. Defense is pointless solo. And Vigilance can be a bore for a while. Thing with Vig is, it is my absolute favorite spec in the game, but all the "fun" doesn't come until 60+, and I'm not sure what the level cut-off is for Freeps. Besides, Focus is a bit easier to chew at lower levels. So, if you picked Sent, then you'll have to re-roll. If you are a Guardian and need to change to Focus, there's a re-spec guy on the Fleet in one of the outside alcoves in the Combat area. If memory serves, he's Duros. I haven't used him in years. That is, of course, assuming freeps can respec. But I think you're allowed one a week and have to pay credits or something.

    After that, read your tool tips and right stuff down. (Seriously.) Then go find the practice dummies on Coruscant. I think they're out in the plaza in front of the Senate building. I think they're on the East side. But, again, I could be totally wrong because I haven't used those in years either.
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    Thank you (both of you) for your replies.
    They basically mean a tad more questions for me ... but I had kind of guessed this would happen. Anyway if you don't mind answering them, here they go. I am going to use a list so the first three will be replies to @O'Dib 's answers and then the rest to mainly both of you but based on @Lucifer Sam 's replies. This will probably be a long post so I'll post it in different parts, not all of them at the same time. Also, please note that (as you can see from the info below my avatar) English is not my mother tongue.

    And a quick comment first: someone suggested I should move this to the Gaming section not the Star Wars section. I agree but I don't know how to do this. Does anyone know? Do I need a moderator for this? If so, how do I get in touch with one?

    1. The ability bar. Are we talking about the thing in the middle of the interface at the bottom of the screen? If so, are you saying that I should open the Inventory window and drag a medpac to the Ability bar?

    Also, I really have no idea how skills and abilities work in this game. In KOTOR when you levelled up, you selected your powers and your skills and then you had one or two more of those at the next level. In TOR it seems that you have to seek someone out to get them ... if I understood correctly ... So where do I find these people? Or is it one of the missions to be able to locate them on each planet?

    You know when I had to defeat the Flash Raiders on the first planet, I died every time. Then just for fun I visited the Jedi Temple and someone (a Master, I think) simply gave me some kind of skills that appeared on the Ability bar. Finally I was able to defeat the Flash Raiders. And it's funny that T7 defends you at later levels when you are the weakest at the beginning of the game and then there's nobody there to help you.

    Another thing is that later I "bought" (I think I bought it ... if that's possible at all) some kind of skill from someone. Probably accidentally because I had no idea what I was doing ... The long and the short of it is that that skill appeared on that bar but ousted one that I really liked. Does that mean I actually sold that ability for the new one? Can I buy it back? Not that it's likely I'll ever find that person anyway ... but theoretically is that possible?

    Also on that bar there seem to be only ten squares showing your abilities. Where are all the others? And how do I activate them when I need them?

    2. It seems that I don't even know the basics of the basics. If I want to talk to people, do I have to use a slash sign? My God the very idea ... I mean, there's a chat window there ... and in order to be able to say something, I have to start every single entry of mine with a slash? That sounds like an unnecessary complication to me ... but I will try this out next time then.

    In any case what was a lot more disturbing was what I'd told you the last time: I was made part of a group and the group leader, seeing how lame I was, invited me and all the others to join a group chat. So a Group chat window popped up and all the buttons on that were inactive. When I tried to write something, it did say something about seeing a "Chatmaster" (or someone similar) about this ... Of course I had no idea what the game was saying. In my interpretation, I was supposed to look for some kind of character in the game that would enable me to use the chat function ... which I found a dumb idea but that was what was told to me ... At least it seemed so to me. I might have been wrong, though ... You know, so many things were happening at the same time and there was so little I was able to understand that I might have misunderstood the whole thing. The end of the story was that I was ostracized ... :wah:

    As for being a free player ... again I have problems with that. Although I wouldn't like to pay anything before I get the hang of the game, I don't mind paying like one month's money or so later on. But occasionally the game offers all sorts of things to buy ... and I didn't intend to buy anything, especially that most things were really cheesy (like "intergalactic hairstyles" or some similar window popped up and I was like hey, I don't even know how to equip a medpac, who cares what hairstyle my character has) but in spite of this I decided to check out how the paying option worked. So I pressed the "Buy" button, the game said the game would minimize on my tray and I would be redirected to God knows where (I guessed to a place where I could give my bank account number) but then nothing happened. Later I tried this with several other things including the option of paying for one month with my credit card but the game did not minimize and I was not redirected. So what could I potentially do if I did decide to pay one day?

    Speaking of which reminds me: there are experience points I get as I go through the missions and I also seem to get what was called "credits" in KOTOR (maybe they are called "credits" this time as well?). It seems I can buy certain things for these. Then there is something called "cartel coins" or something similar - what are those and how do I get those? It seemed to me that you had to pay for them ... but then something on the game said that if I did this or did that I would get cartel coins for it ... And then, like I said earlier, some really wacky things like intergalactic hairstyles cost you real money. So what's the deal with the paying system on this game? It seems to me as if the boundaries between real money (in my bank account) and virtual money used in the game are blurred. Of course, I might be wrong about this as well since I don't understand a lot of what's going on.

    3. What are safe zones? Where are they? And how do I know that I am in one?
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    @Lucifer Sam Thanks for your detailed answer, especially that you at least partially put my mind to rest that I was not the only one who struggled with this game if it was his or her first MMO. Everything is so chaotic ... But then when I played KOTOR for the first time in my life (God knows how many years, maybe decades ago), I had no idea about a lot of things but as I was making my way through the different missions, things became clearer. With TOR I feel like things are getting more and more complicated the more I am playing with the game ... which is frustrating. But thanks for any answers, perhaps they will help me get to like this game as well. After all, I can't help it but the time of the Old Republic with so many Jedi and Sith is my fav era in the world of Star Wars even if the feature films made me fall in love with the franchise (most notably Luke Skywalker).

    4. So ... to make things even more complicated than they are ... @O'Dib suggested using slash ... and you are suggesting using slash and the letter "p" as well? And are the two of you saying this has to be done every time I want to say something?
    Even if this is the case, why were those chat windows inactive in my case? If I was accepted into a group, shouldn't I be able to talk to them as well without any extra hanky-panky?

    5. Which reminds me. I was Level 20 Jedi Knight and a window popped up telling me that I should join the queue for group missions - or something similar. I had no idea what was going on (of course) so I joined the queue ... and in practically ten seconds, I was offered to join a mission. I did it ... We arrived at a planet (don't ask me which and what the mission was, things were happening so fast I had no idea what was going on) and then the game said something about me being temporarily levelled up to Jedi Knight Level 70 ??? I was like ... huh? Okay, I am a Level 70 Jedi Knight then ... but it still means I'm lame I have no idea how to fight or what skills to use, etc.

    Anyway, we were on a planet with a lot of dangerous beasts - I guess there are quite a few planets like that on TOR - and immediately we arrived the others jumped on some kind of vehicles and got a move on. And I was like ... wow, how did you do that? And where on Earth do I get a vehicle from? Also how do you know where to go? So the others left (they later realized I was a beginner and after a few swearwords came back for me ...:brickwall:). But first the game sent some kind of warning words that the beasts I'd have to fight my way through would be too difficult to defeat for one person ... And this was what happened: I died like after every 10 seconds. Then one of the guys in the group came back for me and did something to me ... like he threw some stars in my direction or something and those stars stayed with me ... and it seemed they made me stronger ...
    So what did he do to me and how do I do that? Also, the most important thing would be to know how to get a vehicle? It seemed that when you were on a vehicle those beasts simply couldn't hurt you.

    Then later when we arrived at the last scene, some kind of Yoda appeared, gave us instructions how to defeat the Sith ... and this was when the group leader told me "I don't want you to fail me again ... join the group chat for directions". And when I couldn't they just ostracized me.

    6. I don't know who Kira is (I hope that's Kira Neryce from DS9 :D:D:D) but I do know T7. I've never understood why I am being at (nearly) 100% healthwise all the time and I also came to the conclusion that it must be because of the green bubble that he projected around me. But again, I have a few questions here. If this is default setting, does that suggest that the game is made in such a way that you can't fight your way through your enemies without your companion's protection? If the answer is yes, what is the point of that? And even so, in certain situations I became mortal again, at least temporarily (and did die once on the Esseles or whatever that ship was called). So how do I know whether I am in an area where T7 is going to protect me or not? Or is he supposed to do that every time and maybe I did something that turned him off temporarily? On that Esseles thing I could immediately tell that that Sith acolyte would be too much for me but surprise, surprise I defeated him because I couldn't die.
    The long and the short of it is that in this way, the game isn't much fun. If I can't die, what's the point of bothering and if I can, why am I so much weaker than the enemy? Is there a way to get around this? Do I have to hone my skills before that mission (or any mission really) or do I have to buy some more skills somewhere? This "buying" of skills sounds stupid too. Shouldn't you earn them? Sometimes Jedi masters tell me they can spar with me any time I want but then I don't know how to activate this "Spar" function. And even if I did, would it help? Would I be strong enough to defat that Sith accolyte without T7? Even with him, that fight lasted like almost ten minutes.

    7. You often say "Endgame". I guess this has nothing to do with VOY's Endgame (I wish it had! :D) ... so what do you mean by that? Is it the last level/planet of the game? Is it very difficult or very special for some reason?

    8. "KotFE Mastery mode"? What does that mean? Although you are suggesting I can't get there anyway. But it would be nice to know what that is.
    All these abbreviations remind me. What's PvP and PvE? The game sometimes asks me if I want to change from this to that? No idea what this means.

    9. And "cooldown MMOs"? I know what MMOs are ... but what are cooldown ones?

    10. So are you saying that as a Jedi Sentinel this game is impossible for a beginner? Dw, I take your word for it. Luckily, I am a Jedi Guardian so I have a (ghost of a) chance to work my way through this if I understood you correctly. But then ... Focus-Guardian? Vigilance? Defense? Sorry no idea what you are talking about. Am I one of these already? If so how can I check this information? All I know is that the last time I played I was Level 23 Jedi Knight and that occasionally it says I am levelled down to 18. Why does that even happen? A smaller number next to my 23 appears and it seems to indicate that I have been demoted. But then it disappears and after a while I do get back to 23. Perhaps the game really thinks I am Thomas Eugene Paris so just like Janeway it demotes me then promotes me back? :devil::devil::devil: Anyway, can you tell me about this stuff and if you are suggesting I should change my focus, how do I do that?

    And then Lightning Sorcerer and Telekinetic Sage don't mean anything to me either. I'd rather not be a different character right now - I can't even imagine how troopers and people without the Force can even go through this game. Which, again reminds me: when do I get Jedi powers and just like on KOTOR can I use Sith lightning as a Jedi here too? Without that I guess I'm doomed. Although if T7 can protect me against like 20 Sith at the same time, this shouldn't be a problem ... :D Just joking ... I mean the idea that a droid of such little strength can protect me against vicious Sith sounds dumb ...
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    11. Okay ... so tool tips and practice dummies? What might those be? I've already discovered that by right-clicking on an item in my inventory I am inundated with information. Are you saying I'll have to read all that? Also, am I the only one who thinks that the font size is practically unreadable? I mean every piece of information is written in such small fonts that I can hardly read it.

    12. One of these (very annoying) texts is "Your inventory is full". Good. And then what? On the first planet I couldn't even finish the Flash Raider mission for the first time because it said that some kind of Jedi would give me some skill for that mission and as long as my inventory was full, I couldn't accept it. Again, let me ask this question: do we have to buy our skills? Mind-boggling. Anyway, I managed to find a vendor or merchant or whatever they are called and sold some stuff. Sometimes I have to "repair" stuff. Does that mean I always have to find these commerce people on every planet/level when I start because when my inventory is full, I am practically paralyzed? If this is the case, this seems really strange to me. I mean on KOTOR you could buy and find as many items as you wanted - why restrict the amount you can have in this game?

    13. Then some people ask me to duel with them. If I accept, I die (of course). And without much fight. So do I have to collect some more skills before accepting these duels? And why do I only have a weapon in one of my hands? Will I be able to equip something in both hands later on? Or do I have to pay for this?

    14. According to the game, the cut-off Level for free players is Level 60. What does that mean? When I reach Level 60, I won't be able to play any more? And if I buy a month, then I get to, say Level 100, then if I don't pay the next month, then I get demoted to level 60 again?

    15. People sometimes ask me to join their guilds. What are they? And some of them who seemed to like me even bowed to me and waved their hands to me. How do they do these things and can I greet someone in a similar fashion?

    Well ... this has been a lot, I know. Feel free to answer whenever you or anyone else have the time (and nerves :D). Finally, I have a question for both of you and everyone else who is reading this:

    16. When I played KOTOR (both parts), I was immediately hooked. The games had a certain vibe ... and I felt I was totally immersed in that vibe from the very first moment on. There was mystery, there was an imminent sense of danger ... not uncombattable danger but there was suspense both on that Republic ship and at the Peragus Mining facility. Kreia seemed like a mysterious figure from Day One on and remained so for the rest of the game.

    I feel nothing like this in connection with the Old Republic. I am just fighting with Flash Raiders, with Imperials ... with everyone that has a red sign above their heads. I really don't feel there's some mystery to unravel here or that there's a certain sense of suspense to make you want to play on.

    So my question is: will the story be better? Those of you who have played it: will it be exciting (and mysterious) enough for me to learn all this stuff relating to how to play the game ... or should I abandon this whole thing altogether? The thing is that it seems that the Old Republic books aren't being continued ... so this game is the last resort for finding stories from that era.

    And thank you all for reading. It was long, I know.
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    Okay. I'm going to try to answer as much as I can, but I'm going to shuffle things around and prioritize and/or organize for logic as best as possible.

    Yes. And I should note that if you click the little cross on the left side, you can add a second bar. Freeps only get two, unfortunately. (Which has actually been a point of contention for a lot of people.) You get two more if you become premium. Which is a big difference. But subs get six, and I have all of them full.

    12. So when you add the second one there's 24.

    Pressing "P" will bring up the skills window with a few sorting tabs on the left. Every skill you currently have available will be there. And any can drag and drop anything in that window into your hotbar. And anything that's "clicky" (meaning you click it in your hot bar to activate it) can be moved there. But since you have limited space, I'd just stick with your abilities - and your speeder once you get it. And, as I said, don't even worry about medpacks. Though, if you do decide to try a warzone at some point, you will want to buy some warzone medpacks and slot them there.

    But for the record, other stuff that can go there is mostly knickknacky things like toys and what not. Relics used to be clickies but now they're just another gear slot--been that way for a while.

    "Cooldowns" refers to how combat progresses. It's the common identifier for any Everquest/Warcraft-derivative MMO. (Which is like 90% of them.)

    A cooldown is simply the time between using two abilities. There's what's called a "Global Cooldown." This means that all skills* must adhere to this space of time. In SWTOR (and most MMOs) it's 1.5 seconds. You can think of this as a single turn.

    *There are certain skills that ignore this rule and it will be noted as such in the tool-tip. A good example of this is your Interrupt. (which you should have by now) It's an important mechanic to learn, but first things first. But it's exactly as it sounds: you use it to interrupt a "mobs" spell. (A "mob" is any monster, Imp, Sith, whatever you fight in the game. It's short for mobile - which is computer lingo.)

    What this means is, when you're fighting, you activate an ability everyone 1.5 seconds. So, say you're back fighting a Flesh Raider, you walk up to him and click your Strike ability. 1.5 seconds later you do it again, and again until the thing is dead. Or, assuming the skill is in the first slot, you press the 1 key.

    **This gets into the realm of keybinding which is its own thing and not worth worrying about right now. But you're willing to try if you're up to it.

    Now the next thing is your resource. Each class has a different resource. For Knights it's Focus, which is a "building focus" meaning you start with zero and add more. And Strike costs nothing and builds 2 focus. The other skill you started with is Slash It costs 3 focus, but it does a lot more damage.

    So you can see how it works. You click Strike. Wait 1.5. seconds. Click Strike again. wait another 1.5 seconds, and then you can click Slash. Or if you're using keys it would be 1-1-2.

    And I'm sure you're excellent math skills will notice that you'll have 1 focus left over at the point. So, sure enough, you just have to use Strike again once and then you can use Slash again. So it would look like 1-1-2-1-2. Which would take up about seven seconds. And this is the most basic rotation (something you'll see a lot of people talk about) in the game.

    Seeing as how you managed to get to level 20, I'm sure you sort of figured this out on your own, I'm just trying to clearly define it for you.

    Now, as you level up and get more skills that rotation will become more complex. And things will get changed depending on circumstances. For example, SWTOR uses a lot of "procs" or procedurals - which, as a name implies changes abilities if you use them in a certain order. Basically, this is a way to make things more organized, like if you have three different abilities that all do sort of the same thing, by adding procs the game specifies an order in which best to use them.

    Nope. This mission on Tython was just to show you they exist. You have to find them on your own. But they're always in the spaceport/main hub city area on each planet. The map icon looks sort of like this: ^. And it will have a green glow if you have new skills to learn.

    Also, you get more skills from you spec tree. Since you didn't know Defense/Vigilance/Focus I'm guessing you haven't chosen yet. Pressing K will bring up the skill-tree window. (Err. I think it's K.) It will show all three specs and give a little detail on each. Like I said, for you, Focus is probably the one to pick.

    Then the tree will fill itself out and give you utility points to spend. But I'll go over those later. It could be one huge post on its own.

    And, yeah, Freeps have to pay credits for skills and some are kind of expensive. Though back in the day, everyone had to pay for them and they were a lot more.

    I'm not sure what you mean here, but if you're asking if it's possible to lose abilities, the answer is no.

    If one is gone, then you probably accidentally pulled if off the bar. Again, press "P" and you should be able to find it. A important note here is, once you get all your abilites arranged how you want them, there's a small padlock icon on the left side of the bar. Click that to lock the bar and that won't happen. I used to do that a lot myself - yes I used to be a clicker too.

    The slashes are just needed for commands. Changing the chat prompt is a command. Once you do it, you don't have to do it again until you want to change props again.

    PUGs (Pick-up Groups) are generally pretty awful for all beginners in any online game. That's just one of those sad realities.

    I wouldn't try to do it in game. Just go strait to and do it there.

    Yes. Cerdits are the normal in-game currency. Open your inventory and the it shows how much you have at the bottom. And Cartel Coins are indeed the "real money" currency. You can actually earn some by doing certain things in-game. Though not very many. But if you're really diligent, you can probably earn enough to unlock some basic quality of life things. - Though I'd argue the amount of time you'd spend doing it isn't worth it at all.

    A safe zone is any area near a taxi hub and some medical outposts. It's also where most things happen when your out in a planet away from the spaceport/main city area. You'll notice "Sanctuary" will briefly appear on your screen when you get to one. Though, Sanctuaries are specific to PvP. It's still the same difference.

    Kira was the other Padawan back on Tython. She joins you half-way through Coruscant. Since you said you were level 20, I just assumed you were already past that part.

    "Endgame" simply refers to the current content-state of the game. There's an old MMO adage "The real game starts at 50." Of course, by "50" it just means the current level cap. But the point is, once you reach max level you really get to start participating in group content - warzones, operations etc. Though SWTOR's current endgame has ... issues .. but that's a topic that's not at all important here. But suffice it to say, they made a huge change to the game early this year that the player base overwhelmingly despises (myself included). But it won't be relevant to you unless you sub.

    KotFE simply refers to Knights of the Fallen Empire which is the first part of the new story. All the quests from it on all have "Mastery" versions which are like "Expert" modes. Or very difficult. They're really fun once. But it's one of those things that, once you do it, you really don't want to do it again.

    Though everyone is asking for them to do something similar to the original class stories. Because, like you say the old content is pretty easy now that companions can carry you through it.

    PvE is Player versus Environment (meaning the computer) and PvP is Player versus Player.

    Star Wars lore as plenty of examples of non Force users defeating/killing Force users. Jedi aren't Gods, after all.

    You and me both.

    These are both things that sort of exist "outside" of the game. They're both little tricks employed to regulate the games economy.

    As far as the junk in your inventory, there is a good reason for why they do this instead of just giving you the credits, but the scope of the theory is way beyond the scope of this thread.
    And the idea of having a limited inventory dates back to early Pen and Paper Dungeons and Dragons. Most western RPGs employ it - as do all MMOs - in fact, until you said something I sort of thought KOTOR had a limited inventory too. Because AFAIK every other Bioware game does.

    But really just get in the habit of stopping at a vendor and emptying your bag. There's always a medical droid not too far off. What I do is, if I pick up and item I know I want to keep, I move it to the bottom row of my bag. That way I can just spam sell-off everything really quick without selling something good by accident.

    Also, if you right click T7's portrait, you can send him off to the junk items. It takes about a minute and is really handy when you're out in the middle of nowheresville.

    As for the trainers. The "buying" is just a meta thing. Think of it as you gained some strength and now you're going to go see a master so she can teach you something. The vendor window was just an easy interface that was already there. And since they did it that way anyway, the cost of tuition is an easy way of taking credits out of the game. This is done everywhere, and while it often seems silly and/or annoying, it's important because it goes a long ways in abating inflation, which has really started to creep up over the last yearn and a half, as it is.

    And while the idea of a Jedi paying a tuition tax is silly, it would seem perfectly normal for a Bounty Hunter or Smuggler, and they have to keep it fair for everyone.

    And, of course, Subs don't have to pay anymore. And, most of us have holo statutes that act as trainers for all classes that we carry around with us. So the whole pretense is gone. It's just, "I leveled. Grab my new skills and go.."

    I never accept random duels.

    As for duel-wielding, that's what Sentinels are for. Guardians are all about the classic Jedi pose. One hand for sword, one hand for pushing annoying droids off rooftops. Also, finger pointing.

    It just means, you can do any single player content above level 60. But group content will still bump you up to 70.

    Guilds are the main social hubs of MMOs. You do get a few benefits for joining. But there are good ones and bad ones.

    Okay. I'm going to stop there. Anything else I missed I can go over later, but it's not all that important I don't think.
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