The Official and Most Rifftastic Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thread

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    So, who watched 1961's "The Mask" with their Kinga-Vision 3D (anaglyph) glasses the other night?

    For some reason, I assumed it would be totally 3D, like "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". Instead, it contained 3 psychedelic sequences when audiences were expected to wear their glasses, forewarned by a disembodied voice telling them (and the protagonist) to "Put the mask on! Put the mask on!" The effects were pretty effective, the most immersive being a figure falling into mist. What really surprised me was the closing host segment aboard the SOL. It was staged as 3D. This was particularly tricky as it was several composite elements and the bridge itself is constructed of several pieces of "flat" art, unlike the similar looking set for the NetFlix episodes. But the illusion worked pretty darn well! Congrats, Alterniversal!
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    This year's line up looks pretty fantastic. Got a couple of my old favs in there!

    Turkey Day 2022
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