The Last Jedi - A Fan Rewrite

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    Lets suppose that we're a story executive at Disney. It's 2016 and we're presented with the script for The Last Jedi.

    I believe I understand the general direction Disney wants to go. They want Star Wars to be able to stand on it's own and not always tied to Lucas or the characters of the OT. That's great and they should, however the original characters started it all and need to be handled delicately.

    I know that many here felt TLJ was an fine film and wouldn't change anything. Others, like myself, felt it was an entertaining movie, but flawed in the way it handled characters and Star Wars lore in general. Finally there's those that thought the movie was complete garbage and disliked it from start to finish. For those in the second and third category, here's a thread to make things better.

    Here's the way I would have liked to see the movie play out (sorry this is pretty long)...

    The beginning plays out in a similar way. Poe DOES NOT prank call Hux, but he does disable the dreadnought and orders the bomber squadron to destroy it against Leia's orders, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the squadron. The Resistance fleet gets away in hyperspace but when they exit to normal space, the First Order is right behind them. We get all the same scenes except Kylo's wingmen destroying the cruiser's bridge and the Mary Poppins Leia part. In my version, Kylo orders his wingmen to disengage which will later cause even more of a rift between he and Snoke.

    When Rey and Luke meet for the first time, Luke immediately recognizes Rey and encourages her to become one of his apprentices after discovering she's force sensitive. We find out that Luke is training one additional apprentice that he was able to rescue from his first Jedi temple (the apprentice is an alien and could serve as a companion or mentor to Rey in the next trilogy... assuming said trilogy is a continuation of this one). Rey doesn't remember Luke or her past but she and us (the audience) would find out through flashbacks and/or exposition that Rey's mother was also force sensitive and sought Luke out not long after the events in ROTJ.

    Rey's mother was a woman in her late 20's, married and during the time of the Empire, simply lying low, knowing she had abilities, but not wanting to be discovered by Vader. She becomes Luke's first apprentice and skilled in the ways of the Jedi, however she becomes pregnant and takes a couple years off from the training to raise Rey. When she comes back, Luke has taken Ben under his wing, however Rey's mother senses that he is falling more and more to the dark side. She warns Luke, and while he's sensed the darkness as well, he believes that Ben would never betray him and he can bring him back to the light. However, Luke needs to attend some event hosted by the new Republic so he leaves Rey's mother to "watch the fort" in his absence. Rey's mom "has a bad feeling about this", so she sends her daughter (Rey) and husband to find safety somewhere offworld. This is when all hell breaks loose. Ben has been secretly plotting with Snoke and he with the First Order attacks the Jedi temple while Luke is away.

    Rey's mom sends a distress signal to Luke and the new Republic and does what she can to protect the temple against the FO and Snoke. Luke returns just in time to see the temple burning and all of his Jedi trainees dead, including Rey's mom. Snoke (or Ben) realize that Rey's mom sent Rey and her husband away so they chase down that ship. Rey's father is avoiding FO patrols and is unable to get back to his homeworld. Their ship is just a transport and has no weapons, so when he get's into a tangle with FO fighters at Jakku, he barley has enough time to contact Unkar Pluk, a mean and grumpy, but trustworthy associate to watch Rey while he tries to get away. Rey's last memory of her father is watching the transport craft lifting off into the Jakku sky only to be destroyed by FO Tie Fighters. She perhaps blocked those memories as they were too traumatic.

    Kylo/Ben is furious with himself for having been defeated by Rey in TFA not to mention the Resistance destroying Starkiller base. Snoke is even more furious with Kylo and after he fails to fire on Leia, Snoke is no longer convinced that Ren is a worthy apprentice. Snoke continuously taunts Kylo as we see in the film and states that he should destroy Kylo and instead take the girl (Rey) as his new apprentice.

    Back to the resistance, Poe challenges Leia and Admiral Ackbar on what the plan is now that the FO can track ships in hyperspace and the fleet is dangerously low on fuel. Leia states that there's an old Rebel base close by and if they can get to it, they'll send transports to the planet while the FO focuses on the cruiser heading in the opposite direction (on autopilot). Finn states that he thinks they might be able to disable the tracker, but first they need somebody that can hack trough the shields of the FO ship. Leia contacts Lando to call in a favor. Lando says to find a man named DJ at Canto Blight. Poe and Finn set off to find the hacker, but not before Leia tells Poe that he needs to start thinking as a leader and seeing the bigger picture.

    During Rey's training she starts seeing Finn being tortured and sentenced to die. She tells Luke about it and he recounts his story in which he rushed off to face Vader against the warnings of Yoda, and how that ended. However Rey eventually leaves Achtoo to help her friend.

    Poe and Finn arrive at Canto Blight and are successful in locating the hacker, DJ (Benicio del Toro), however they are disgusted at the fact that the wealthy weapons manufactures are employing slave labor. We find out that Poe grew up on a planet similar to this (basically Rose's backstory). After a fun adventure in which Poe and Finn have to fight a private security force, they're rescued by DJ. Poe convinces DJ that they also need to rescue as many slaves as they can then our heroes leave Canto to return to the Resistance fleet.

    Poe, Finn and DJ arrive back at the fleet and are able to disguise themselves from the FO ships sensors and Finn and DJ sneak aboard Snoke's ship. Poe is going to head to the Rebel base with the slave kids. Finn and DJ are captured and we're shown scenes of both men being tortured. Phasma tells Finn that she's going to enjoy watching him suffer and die. However Phasma receives orders from Hux, that Snoke wants Finn to remain alive. He has foreseen that Finn will lead the girl back there where the FO can capture her.

    Rey and Chewie emerge from hyperspace near the FO fleet and the sole remaining Resistance cruiser. Rey asks Chewie if he can think of anyway to get them on Snoke's ship. Chewie moans and roars and Rey states that she can't believe that ever worked. They perform the same maneuver that Han did in ESB where they charge the Star Destroyer then attach the Falcon to the hull of the ship. Rey performs a spacewalk (with a spacesuit) and cuts into an airlock with her (Luke's) blue lightsaber. She is ultimately captured and brought to Snoke's throneroom, where Snoke gives Kylo one last chance. He must submit to the darkside and kill Rey. A brief lightsaber battle ensues. Kylo is dominating the fight, however he has other plans. Kylo has grown tired of Snoke's taunts and manipulation. He feels that he could lead the FO far better than Snoke has. He positions himself close to Snoke and attempts to kill him, however this blow is blocked by one of Snokes guards. The guards immediately attack both Kylo and Rey while Snoke escapes the room.

    Back on the Resistance cruiser, everyone's evacuating. With the last few people boarding the transport, Ackbar contacts Leia who is still on the bridge and urges her to hurry down to the hanger, however she sees that Snokes ship is firing and destroying the transports. Their plan has failed. Desperate, she responds to Ackbar ordering him to launch without her. She then points the cruiser at Snokes ship and engages the hyperdrive.

    After they defeat the guards, Kylo attempts to get Rey to join him in hunting down Snoke and leading the FO. Rey refuses, telling Kylo that he's responsible for her mother and father's deaths. Kylo realizes who Rey actually is at this point, however he insists that while he was communicating with Snoke at the Jedi temple, he never meant for the attack to happen and he regretted the death of her mother. Kylo wished to secretly learn about the dark side of the Force in hopes of controlling it, but ultimately was deceived by Snoke. Rey isn't having any of it, but before they fight, Leia in the cruiser collides with Snoke's ship. Kylo is knocked unconscious. Rey decides she can't kill an Kylo while unconscious and sets out to find Finn (and DJ). All of them make their way to the hanger and steal a FO shuttle. Finn tells Rey that the resistance is heading to Krait. Rey relays the information to Chewie.

    All of the FO stardestroyers are gone. Snoke's ship is almost destroyed, however they still have enough troops, ground assult equipment and fighters to end the Resistance once and for all. The FO tracks their shuttle to Krait. There's a scene with Kylo and Hux and Kylo states that Snoke no longer controls the FO. Hux states he will side with Snoke and attempt to restain him however Kylo easily overpowers Hux and his few guards. Kylo leads his remaining forces (smaller AT-ST type walkers and troops) to the planet. The Resistance realizes they're outgunned and their backs are against the wall. They send out a distress call. The FO is attacking the old Rebel base with artillery. It's only a matter of time before they break through the door and overrun the few Resistance fighters they have left. We see a day or two pass but nobody answers the distress call.

    The FO finally manages to break down the door, the few Resistance fighters are preparing to defend themselves when Luke emerges from one of the caverns. He says that he helped establish this base, there's an escape tunnel and Rey, Chewie and his apprentice are waiting for them with the Millenium Falcon, a transport ship and his old X-Wing. Luke says that he'll buy them some time and give the same wink to C3PO. While many of the Resistance fighters want to stay and help Luke, Poe realizes that there will be another day to fight and takes charge and orders everyone to evacuate. The camera cuts back and forth between the Resistance running through the caverns and Luke taking out dozens of Stormtroopers. We never see Luke die however. As everyone is boarding the transport and Millenium Falcon, Poe asks if they should wait for Luke. The apprentice tells Poe to take Luke's X-Wing and that his master knew this would be a one-way trip for him. We see Poe gaze up and say the job isn't finished yet. Poe in the X-Wing and Rey/Chewie in the ME defeat the handful of Tie Fighters. The transport takes off when the Ties are cleared out..

    Luke's apprentice then takes notice of one of the slave kids and states that he senses a strong connection with the Force in him. The movie ends with the three ships leaving the planet and disappearing into hyperspace.


    Well that's about it... I think it would make things a bit more interesting. The First Order would essentially be split in two as both Snoke and Kylo are vying for power. This will hopefully give the Resistance (who has been ground down to almost nothing) to gain a bit of ground for the third movie.

    Any thoughts on what parts of the movie you'd like to change or how you'd change it?