The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by CaptainSarine, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Is this project still happening?
    After some initial flurry of activity, there has been nothin for over a month.
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    Dec 26, 2002
    Thanks for the book recommendation.I've started reading the voyager novels by Kristen Beyer.I really liked her newest book I just finished reading a few weeks ago.I bought Unworthy and plan on reading it soon.. I really like the Titan novels.I've been enjoying reading some older novels written by L.A.Graff Ice Trap. and Into the Nebula By Gene DeWeese.
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    Just to be contrary but the Beyer books are exactly where I jump off the Voyager bus.Not any reflection on Ms.Beyer or her skills but I just find myself waiting and waiting for Voyager to thrill/inspire me and after what,at least 10-12 years it just has never done it for me.
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    I was very much like that, until I read Beyer's first VOY Relaunch novel Full Circle - it blew me away and to date I've enjoyed all four novels tremendously.

    I've read a few older novels in the last couple of months:
    the TMP novelization by Roddenberry (and Foster?) is very good IMO, and Vonda McIntyre's novelizations of TWoK, TSfS and TVH are fantastic (and I'm not usually one for novelizations, preferring original stories instead.

    I didn't find The Klingon Gambit or Triangle to be very good, though Triangle did take a plotpoint from the TMP novelization and developed it further (the New Humans).

    Older TOS books I enjoyed were Crossroad, the Yesterday duology, Ishmael, The Entropy Effect and Timetrap. As for the Bantam era, I found Spock Must Die! and The Galactic Whirlpool to be very entertaining.
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    Who would have time to post with all these books to read? :lol:
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    I've always enjoyed Vonda McIntyre's contributions to Trek.I wish she had written some more.It's hard to describe but with just a few touches she always made the TOS crew seem more..cosmopolitan..more credible as citizens of the 23rd century.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the interest. Yes, project still going on, but not had much time due to RL to actually post any reviews or anything. If you're interested, here is my progress so far (including the ones already posted about):

    TOS: The Motion Picture
    TOS: The Entropy Effect
    TOS: The Covenant of the Crown
    TOS: The Klingon Gambit
    TOS: The Wrath of Khan
    TOS: Yesterday's Son
    TOS: The Search for Spock
    DS9: The Search
    TOS: My Enemy, My Ally
    VOY: Cloak and Dagger
    TNG: The Devil's Heart
    TNG: Gemworld Part 1
    TOS: The Romulan Way

    This month I will be reading:

    TOS: My Brother's Keeper 1: Republic
    TNG: Spartacus
    NF: House of Cards
    TOS: Vulcan's Glory
    TOS: Vulcan's Forge
    Gateway 1: One Small Step

    If things calm down, I'll try and post some brief reviews of the older books I read.