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    I'm sure there were people thinking it was a Tennis reference ;)
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    Raumpatroille is awesome.

    It has 7 episodes in total, though a few of them got recut into a theatrical release later I think in addition.

    4 of them deal with an alien invasion of an imperialistic race nicknamed "the Frogs" and are pretty serialized.

    The 3 remaining episodes are more similar to the Star Trek format.

    Hüter des Gesetzes" (Guardians of the Law) deals with amok running worker drones/robots not too dissimilar to the exocomp episode (though these robots are not sentient.

    In "Der Kampf um die Sonne" (Battle for the Sun) the Orion discovers a lost Earth colony with a matriachal society after a series of natural catastrophes on Earth. The colony turns out to be responsible by agitating the sun to support themselves with much needed solar energy.

    "Die Raumfalle" (The Space Trap) has the crew conduct scientific analysis of space spores while babysitting a science fiction author trying to get inspiration for his next novel but is a bit bored by the ship's current assignment until a hostage incident on a penal colony arises.
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    I've been wondering if a reboot of "Orion" would be a good way to bring sci-fi (back) to German television, but then, if you strip away the cool 60s designs & music, what's left is really fairly generic space opera stuff. You'd have to introduce a lot of new stuff to make it interesting again.