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    Do you think Spock would have become addicted to the game, from the TNG episode, "The Game?"

    Spock is a wise hybrid, but Captain Picard is also wise, and he became addicted.

    Also, say Data was never disabled by Dr. Crusher and was allowed to freely walk the Enterprise. When he started to notice people acting strangely (looking blankly into space, not paying attention, etc.), do you think Data would just believe it to be relatively harmless side-effects of the game Riker brought back from Risa, or do you think he'd be suspicious, and study the gadget for himself?
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    Data would definitely have figured it out, that's why they disabled him.

    Spock... if it was a TOS episode, he would have saved the day. But not before being forced to play it and having a little "Naked Time" style emotional breakdown.