The Final Frontier - 30th anniversary (June 9th)

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    Because then you have "Where Nomad has Gone Before".

    Anyway, as I suspect you may know, it's not about whether the same message is reiterated, it's about whether it's done so effectively, and whether it brings anything new to the table, and I think it's dubious whether TFF really does that.

    Kirk meets God and isn't impressed.
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    the problem there is that Nimoy felt that Spock wouldn't have betrayed Kirk if Sybok were simply a Vulcan mystic Spock had known in his younger years, so Sybok was reverse engineered into being someone that Nimoy could accept.
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    I never had a problem with this.
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    Perhaps, but I suspect they didn't pitch this mystic the way I am suggesting.

    It's still illogical that Spock didn't even struggle with Sybok and just let him take the gun.
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    This indicates to me that Meyer would have been a good fit for this story. One of his other films, Time After Time, takes a sci-fi premise (time travel) and tells a character story around it.
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    In Sydney, Australia, my Star Trek club was compiling our bimonthly newsletters, with its traditional movie-news "sealed section" to prevent exposure to spoilers for those avoiding them.

    The rumour mill for ST V was simply bizarre. There was a funny "Entertainment Tonight" interview with Nichelle Nichols where she suggests we might expect... unicorns! (And we got one: a blue one!) DC Fontana had been distressed about Shatner's addition of Sybok. During her time with TOS, DC had written memos imploring the writers to avoid the temptation of giving Spock siblings. I am sure that Shatner suggested his "Enterprise encounters God" storyline thinking it would thrill Roddenberry, since so many TOS episodes had gods, would-be gods and mentions of paradise in them, and he was perplexed when GR disliked it, later pronouncing that he, GR, considered that "parts of ST V are apocryphal".

    We went as a group to an advance screening of ST V during a ST convention in Brisbane, a special favour from Paramount Australia. Then we saw the film at a brand new cinema complex in Sydney. The film was as wacky as we expected/feared. We did appreciate some of Shatner's clever directorial choices. As we came out, we saw this US poster on the wall, and we just fell about laughing:

    To stop people leaving early?
    by Ian McLean, on Flickr

    Prior to this, our first exposure to the ST V trailer had been during a "Sit Long and Prosper" event of TMP, ST II, ST III and ST IV. Although the scene of Scotty knocking himself unconscious was such a crowdpleaser on first viewing, it's the one scene that summed up our conclusions of the film as a whole:

    In ST IV, we were laughing with the characters. In ST V, we were laughing at them.
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    They say you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear but JM Dillard practically did that with her novelization of this movie. She took an average script that had been made into a below-average movie and made a top notch, exciting Star Trek Adventure in the novelization. I recently reread the adaptation for the first time in 30 years and what a great read. She gave every new character, Sybok J'onn and the three ambassadors, Klaa and Vixis interesting backstories and expanded their parts in the novel. She delved into the Pains of some of the Enterprise crew that sybok help them deal with. She toned down the comedy bits or at least made them less annoying and she filled in some of the gaps as far as the Great Barrier being breached and so forth.
    She included all the deleted scenes from The Script and then expanded the story with new or extended scenes. If anybody is interested in a far better version of the story I suggest they read the novel.
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    It wasn’t an “average” script. It was a weak one.
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    earth...but when?...spock?