The Dominion vs. The Borg

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by Pawleygirl, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Pawleygirl

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    Have the Dominion and the Borg ever had contact with each other? Would they be easily assimilated including the founders?
  2. The Borg Queen

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    Does it matter?
    Borg + Founder = T-X (from Terminator 3)

    At least, that's what I've always imagined.
  3. Jono

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    As far as we know in canon the answer is: we don't know.

    In terms of non-canon, in the DS9 relaunch we learn that at least one Borg ship has encountered the Dominion. The Borg at that time (during the TNG period I think) couldn't assimilate a Founder. Not sure of any other Borg-Dominion meetings in books, comics or games.

    If you look back to the second page you'll find another thread where people discussed Borg vs Dominion.
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    The founders would be virtually impossible to assimilate. The Jem'Hadar are high maintenance (Ketracel White). Now the Vortas on the other hand...:devil:
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    ^ I wonder, if the Vorta were assimilated - would, all of a sudden, the Borg want to start serving the Founders?
  6. Thestral

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    Borg: "We will add your biological and cultural distinctiveness to our own."

    Weyoun: "Please do."

    *is assimilated*

    Borg: "Shit shit sh-how can we serve you, Founder?"
  7. shatastrophic

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    I think the founders could shape shift into a borg, and odo explicity mentions that internal sensors can't detect his people unless they are in their founder birthday suits, he states if a founder is a rock you'll detect a rock, if a founder is a humanoid you'll detect a humanoid. With that said we see the founders actually become what they shap shift into. If the borg assimilated a founder in humanoid form then it would be like assimilating any other humanoid. At that point you would have an assimilated founder. Also at that point the borg then know everything about them and can adjust their nanoprobes accordingly to be able to assimilate them no matter what shape.

    The Vorta...i agree with whats already been mentioned...

    The Jem Hedar are interesting...Once a human is assimilated (although I don't know if it specifically mentioned in Voyager with 7 of 9 becoming accustomed to eating) it appears that natural consumption of food is no longer needed. The Jem hedar can't survive without the white much as human can't survive without food. I wonder if borg implants can and would be used to replace the parts of the anatomy that cause the genetically engineered addiction cirumventing it altogether.

    I don't know...just guessing...excellent conversation though!!
  8. Edit_XYZ

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    How to assimilate the Dominion:
    Convince a founder to shape-shift into a borg drone. Connect him to the hive mind. Use him to gain the relevant knowledge about the founders. Make him go to the great link and release fine-tunned nano-probes in it.
    The assimilated founders: order all vorta/jem'hadar to report to to the nearest cube/assimilation chamber - and to eliminate any who refuses among them.

  9. Stephen!

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    Jun 1, 2008
    Not canon, but there was an encounter in Star Trek: Armada. The Borg used a Dominion cloning facility to re-create Locutus.
  10. Marie1

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    AHAHAHA! That would be hilarious!
  11. DG_Trekky

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    Nov 25, 2012
    I thought this was a what are Borg like vs. what is the Dominion like?

    Borg are a force in nature. Avalanches, forest fires, blizzards, hurricanes.

    Dominion is a enemy. Soldiers, bombs, technicians, etc.
  12. Melakon

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    I think there's a flaw in this argument. A changeling has the ability to somehow cause false sensor readings. He might look like a duck, walk like a duck, and quack like a duck, but that doesn't make him a duck. He's a changeling pretending to be a duck, camouflaging his true form.

    If a Borg drone tried to assimilate a disguised changeling, at the moment of physical contact, the changeling could almost instantly shift into something else, including natural liquid form. There's no evidence that a disguised founder actually has the internal organs or molecular structure of an impersonated being/object. But they can fool sensors well enough to show that they do.
  13. Photon

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    You KNOW the Vorta would push the Poison Me button as soon as the Borg started beaming onto the ship.