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    Thanks for linking this video! Pretty good rundown on Dr. Who history--learned quite a lot from it.

    Many years ago, I watched Dr. Who while Tom Baker was the doctor. I really liked his personification and his successor really soured it for me; couldn't adjust to him. Anyway, what a ragtag run of doctors since... until David Tennant. I haven't seen many of his episodes yet, but I like the way he plays the doctor, probably even more than Tom Baker. The newest guy, Matt Smith, portrays an interesting variation. A little more nerdy than Tennant, but he seems well positioned to do a great job.
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    I just started season 5 lastnight with Smiths first episode and he will indeed take a little getting used to, although I'm really enjoying his new companion, Amy Pond. She feels like a combination of Rose, Martha and Donna.
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    Wasn't sure where to put this, but I just wanted to make sure we all marked the 48th anniversary of Doctor Who's premier way back in 1963!

    It's been a long, strange trip, and I've loved every minute of it!
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    48 years, 11 (official) Doctors, and an awful lot of attractive companions...

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    Happy 48th Anniversary Doctor, may you have another 48 :bolian:
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    may he have another 480
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    I believe we neeed not worry, the good Doctor will be around in some form for quite some time to come!
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    This is the first of 12 monthly installments of The Beginner's Guide to Doctor Who, made by a fan for the 50th anniversary:

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    Don't know if this was posted already, but heres a nice little "Official" BBC documentary from 2003:

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    The Decoy Bride. OK, not Dr. Who, but there's a Dr. Who in it. Also been watching eps of The Last Detective. Again, Dr. Who is in it, it's just not Dr. Who. :)
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    And if any of them has herpes, or lord knows what else, it's not the bottles of beer on the wall song where they go "take one in then pass it around..."
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