The Doctor Who Mythos

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    Remembrance was on the Doctor Who revisited series. The Daleks definitely levitated to go up the stairs. Not only that, but they referenced the whole "defeated by stairs" thing first. In many ways, Dalek was just a repeat of that scene.
  2. Christopher

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    Mar 15, 2001
    Although "Dalek" enhanced it by adding the classic "El-e-vate!"
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    Davros, in his Dalek chair, hovered in that one.
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    Wasn't Davros a head in a jar in Revelation?
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    I thought that was cheesey!

    Mr Awe
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    Up until the last scenes, where he getsshot in the hand. Colin's Doctor then offers to shake stumps with him. And people thought Han Solo acted like a cold blooded pimp in saying "I know."

    To me, the most overarching link to the Mythos is the JFK's death forever associated with Dr. Who's birth, as Mark's "Adventure-" relates.

    Ironically, one of the Star Trek Film's was to feature JFK at Dealy plaza--but that would actually work better for Doctor Who.

    Even 50 years on--its too fresh...but if there is a 100th anniversary of Doctor Who and or a last episode, maybe having JFK live as the Doctor dies would finish things up somehow...
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    You might like to check out the book Who Killed Kennedy by James Stevens and David Bishop.

    It's written 'in-universe' and involves a journalist investigating UNIT in the 1970's and links The Doctor to the assassination of President Kennedy.