The Delta Force VS The Uncanny X-Men

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  1. Aquehonga

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    Who wins?

    Most will say immediately:

    Don't be so sure. Why? Explain soon enough:D

    My pick to win is The Delta Force. This is the DF from the 1986 movie, NOT the real one, & there is a real DF in the US Military.

    Back to core topic:
    The reason Lee Marvin & Chuck Norris's ersatz Delta Force would whip the arses into next century out of the X-Men is they're rooted, more rooted, in reality.

    The DF whooped alot of al-Qaeda-like arse bigtime. Them baddies Marvin & Norris took on could be genuine real-world :evil: villains.

    Now'bout them thar canny x-mans from up in them thar hills? Them x-man's fight :evil: villainy who put computer chips in people's heads & engage in convoluted world, if not universe dominating plots that would make KAOS, Vincent Ludwig & Stefano diMera :o with envy.

    Them thar canny x-mans yet'fight baddies who've committed a real crime!

    Special mutant powers shmutant powers. Chuck Norris & Lee Marvin's Delta Force would tear them x-man's many a new derriere:hugegrin:

    Sy Klops be aimin his secret decoder ring bifocaled raygun at Lee Marvin. Then “BOOM!” from Lee. Good bye Mr. Klops:techman:

    Will Vereen sneaks up on Chuck Norris with them fancy Travis Bickle-ish hand weapons. “POW! BASH! BONK!”, Mr. Vereen now seeing stars & birds forever:techman:

    Then them thar other canny x-mans get all yellow & scram back up into them thar hills to hide in Professor Ecks's basement.

    Did them x-mans get their magic powers by filling out & mailing in a special offer on the back of a cereal box?

    Would a been better off sending in for the Red Ryder BB gun. But then them x-mans end up shootin their eyes out:beer:
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    Jul 6, 2006
    I'll git a hundred doggies for his triggar fanger.....

    Oh wait, that's Young Guns, my bad...
  3. captcalhoun

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    Apr 29, 2005
    Delta Force wouldn't stand a chance. Xavier could telepathically take over their minds and turn them on one another. Jean Grey could telekinetically stop their hearts and deflect their bullets. Iceman could freeze their guns. Nightcrawler would *bamf* around knocking the Deltas out before they could even aim. Colossus is bulletproof and would smack their asses. and that's without Cylcops' optic blasts and the omnipresent Wolverine shish-kebabing them
  4. Aquehonga

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    Yeah but them x-mans sent away for them thar mutant powers from the backs of serial boxes, ovaltines, chocolate milk containers, & inside Cracker Jack boxes.

    Guess they did that whilst being kids in Professor Ecks' basement.

    Them x-mans up against CHUCK NORRIS with weapons & abilities gotten through the mail! He can't lose?

    Raises 'nother question. Why Professor Ecks keeping children locked up in his basement in that Westchester mansion of his? Effing weird:confused: And sick too:evil:

    Granted them x-mans be grown ups now, but before that the good Professor had'em locked up in that thar castle of his for yars & yars!

    Me thinks Professor Ecks probably one of them pedophiles yes:confused:
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    A Quesada Free Zone.
    Depends if they had The Punisher on their team or not.

    Frank could beat any and all mutie scum if he had enough time to prepare.
  6. Aquehonga

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    Frank would pound mutes Gene Gray & Cal Ossis into pancakes:D
  7. Broccoli

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    May 3, 2001
    Both will lose to Batman, if he has enough time to prepare.
  8. Praetorian Guard

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    May 19, 2001
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  9. Aquehonga

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    Touche Broccoli:cool:

    With or without the Boy Wonder?

    PS: Your 1st name is Broccoli. Your last name wouldn't be Rob would it? Hmmm:confused::confused:
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  11. Klagg

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    May 17, 2005
    I was a big fan of the uncanny X-Men and never seen Delta Force. But I would have to give it to Delta Force. The X-Men generally lost their first battle with any opponent, then learn from their mistakes and come back to win the second time. That is okay when your opponent knocks you out and leaves you on the battlefield or captures you. I suspect the Delta Force would simply kill the X-Men in the first battle. Quite possible, they would use a telescopic site to kill the most dangerous members before the X-Men knew what was happening.
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    May 3, 2001
  13. Aquehonga

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    I was engaging in a terrible joke which misfired, backfired, never fired.

    There's a type of broccoli called broccoli rabe, rabe pronounced ROB.

    That's all that was.

    If Batman is taking on Chuck Norris & Gene Gray its a good idea Bruce pulls Dick out of his trig class yes?