The Death of Star Trek

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    Yes, indeed, I think this needs its own thread:

    The new Star Trek movie is being made for a number of reasons, and the levels of importance of those reasons vary.


    One of the /main/ reasons it's being made is to help people FORGET about all the /previous/ incarnations of Star Trek. Because...they all suck!

    FINALLY we'll get to see Star Trek as G. Roddenberry meant it to be: a story about the characters, and not the ship!!

    No more utopia, no more sterile actors. Only people trying to come to grips with what life throws at them, and striving to overcome prejudice, bigotry, hipocracy, politics, and base emotions.

    Wow. Imagine that. A Star Trek (movie) with real actors in it. Sorry Picard! Sorry Data!

    Janeway: go to hell.

    Sisko: you never counted for anything anyways.

    Worf: grow a set.

    Everyone else...meh, whatever.
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    I don't think so Tim.

    One more infraction for trolling.
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