The CW 2011-2012 Fall Schedule

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  1. Jetfire

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    Not that anyone here cares...

    8 pm Gossip Girl
    9 pm HART OF DIXIE

    8 pm 90210
    9 pm RINGER

    8 pm H8R
    9 pm America’s Next Top Model

    8 pm The Vampire Diaries

    8 pm Nikita
    9 pm Supernatural

    Midseason Brings the Return and Farewell Season of “One Tree Hill” And Outrageous New Reality Series “Re-Modeled” and “The Frame”

    Pretty much what I expected.

  2. Out Of My Vulcan Mind

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    Dec 27, 2002
    Wherever you go, there you are.
    OMG, it's SMG on TV! :cool:

    The CW's scripted shows for the 2011/2012 season:

    One Tree Hill - 9th season
    Supernatural - 7th season
    Gossip Girl - 5th season
    90210 - 4th season
    The Vampire Diaries - 3rd season
    Nikita - 2nd season
    Hart of Dixie - 1st season
    Ringer - 1st season
    The Secret Circle - 1st season

    The CW's scripted shows from the 2010/2011 season that ended or were cancelled:

    Smallville - 10 seasons
    Life Unexpected - 2 seasons
    Hellcats - 1 season
  3. Jetfire

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    Yeah I am pretty excited about SMG back on TV. :adore: I am also excited to see Britt Robertson on another show...Thursdays will be a full night for me with TVD & TSC. :bolian:

    [edit] SMG 'Ringer' image...

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  4. Jax

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    If I remember right CW typically performs stronger at 8pm than 9pm so what do they do about the anchors of their nights...They stick low rated GG, 90120 at 8pm while the new shows are left to flounder :rolleyes:

    Nikita on fridays, I am not sure that will work well at all. I guess were safe from the end of the world for the next year because am pretty sure The CW ever doing well in the ratings might be one of the signs of impending doom :p
  5. Out Of My Vulcan Mind

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    Wherever you go, there you are.
    I'd say they're trying to strengthen their 9pm ratings with stronger shows, and in some cases steering their new shows clear of killer competition in the same demographic target (like Glee at 8pm on Tuesday) and even hoping to slipstream a little with channel-changers at 9pm. It may not work, but there's a certain logic to it.
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  7. wamdue

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    I think its good theCW has actually planned a mid-season, hopefully their new shows are a hit, so they can start to retire older ones, Smallville having ended already.
  8. Admiral_Young

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    Out of their new shows I'll probably check out "Ringer" due to SMG and "The Secret Circle" because it has a couple actresses that I'm familiar with and the premise is somewhat interesting.
  9. Jetfire

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    I really hope 'Ringer' & 'The Secret Circle' does well. :)

    I think it is time for 90210 and Gossip Girl to end. :devil:

    [edit] Here is an interview with SMG about 'Ringer'


    SMG On 'Ringer'
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  10. mswood

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    Actually two of the nights make sense.

    Tuesday, Glee kills the 8pm demo in adults 18-34 and even more so w 18-34.

    Friday, the 8pm hour is easier (less competition) as Nikita performed rather weakly on THursday at 9pm, it give the show the slight chance to actually build. I don't think Nikita would do as well at the stronger 9pm hour.