The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Redfern, Aug 22, 2007.

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    That's not the way it happens in the novels, plus it's implied they have a high infant mortality rate. So human-esque but hairy babies and about as many to normally look after.
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    Those the discussion centers upon the Cathay-Raht type Khajiit from the Elder Scroll /Skyrim games, the concepts presented in the following video could also apply to Trek's Caitians. (And let's face it; likely the biggest reason Caitians were included in "Star Trek Online" was probably to attract some of the Elder Scroll players.)

    Anyway, what I thought was going to be a farce video turned out to present some reasonable sounding concepts.

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    One possible epilogue to a scene a friend of mine drew and uploaded to Deviant Art.

    He had this eclectic notion to depict George Pal's Martians as a benevolent species besieged by invaders, the armored aliens from "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers". What caught my eye was this Martian (though Scott adapted the concept presented in the 1988 "War of the Worlds" TV series, calling them the "Mor-Tax") clinging to an infantile specimen and an egg while a slightly older offspring held a second egg. I found this "parental protectiveness" displayed in something having nothing akin to recognizable features quite intriguing. (Yeah, that seems rather like the Horta.)

    Scott is something of the eternal romantic and likes "happy endings", so I felt compelled to present one, the Mor-Tax mother safely aboard the Quasar warching as one of her eggs hatches.

    No, that's not M'Ress having transferred to the command division. That's a character Scott created for a series of illustrations, Lt. Moggie. Though they may be subtle, she does have different physical attributes beyond the uniform color. Don't tell me you think all Caitians look alike! :nyah:


    Lt. M'Oggie

    Aiko 3...DAZ
    Body textures...Daio
    Body B-maps...Verge Visible
    Face and body morphs...Beth Capsces
    "Paw" morphs...JENelson (aka Achronicity)
    Tail prop...Little Dragon
    Mane (Hr-086)...Ali (new rigging...Oshikai/Idelacio)

    George Pal Martian/Mor-Tax

    Base mesh...SsSandu_C
    Poser rigging...Jim Farris (aka "Xaa")

    Environment Elements

    Briefing Room...Ptrope
    Pike quarters divider...Ptrope
    Recovery bed...XCalPro
    Mattress...English Bob
    Stacked linen...TrekkieGrrrl
    Sickbay instruments...Georgehaze
    Egg pod...DarkSeal
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    *electric defibrillation sounds*

    I, for One, feel this thread should live, and the esteemed Lieutenant and her noble race be duly honored.

    This forum needs more good Felinoids, like the Caitians and Korlivilar. The others to; IF they can behave themselves.
    The term felinoid has not been mentioned on screen, but has been used in various background and production materials. (citation needededit) It was descriptive of a species that evolved from feline origins, and retain cat-like physical traits as opposed to primates, who followed a primate evolutionary pattern, or insectoids, who were descended from insects.

    There were three known species that are felinoids: Caitians, (TAS) Kzinti, (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon") and Vedalans. (TAS: "The Jihad")

    The Starfleet Battles game universe includes an additional race of felinoids known as the "Lyrans" ,but they are also represented as being distantly related to the Kzinti as well.
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    Early this morning my e-mail noted I had a reply to this thread. When I accessed the topic, the lil' icon in the upper right noted I had 30 "alerts"! What the heck?! After a few moments of confusion, I realized one of those was a "reply" and the other 29 were "likes" to an equal number of posts. Okay... And I thought I was gunge-ho about M'Ress! Thanks for the overwhelming approvals, but I fear you'll inflate my ego.

    Of course, the focus of this latest piece is really the Martian/Mor-Tax. the Caitian's presence is pretty much incidental. The human or the Orion in Scott's piece could have worked just as well, just someone in a StarFleet uniform to better establish this situation takes place aboard a Federation ship. But since Scott included a Caitian, well, why not use her?
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    For anyone who uses Poser as part of their creative pipeline, here's the George Pal Martian I used in my latest render.

    Please note that SsSandu_C sculpted the mesh (originally in ZBrush and then exported it as a .OBJ) and Jim "Xaa" Farris "rigged" the mesh for use within Poser. I created a couple of "displacement" maps and received permission from the two parties to distribute the "boned" figure.

    If you don't use Poser, the zip file contains a base .OBJ file that can be imported into a variety of digital rendering suites.