The Borg, currently?

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    What is the status of the Borg and the condition of Borg space in the Voyager relaunch?

    ******************************** SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS***************************

    I can't remember which title I last read, though I have them all, but I remember that the Borg got "assimilated" into the Caeliar, whisked away, and all of their tech turned into dust. I remember that a small fleet journeyed into former Borg space to check on the goings-on (or lack thereof), but can't remember what they've found.

    (1) Are there any Borg left in former Borg space? Or any Borg anywhere?

    (2) Have the Caeliar mentioned what they've done with the Borg? Did they turn them all into Caeliar, or are they repatriating drones to their old species' homeworlds?

    (3) If all Borg tech has turned into dust (I remember Seven's implants did, and was of the understanding that happened to all Borg tech everywhere in the galaxy simultaneously), did that render all Borg worlds into vast deserts?

    (4) Or did some Borg tech remain somehow untouched by the Caeliar sweep and the Borg may yet rise again?

    (5) If the Borg are indeed gone, vanished like Hoffa, is the Dominion taking over their space? Or Species 8472?

    I do have the books, though am waiting for time to sit down and read them all sequentially, but would like to know these answers. There's, what, 2 books left to come out in the current "relaunch"? I am not worried about spoilers, spoil away...I'll read 'em in due time and enjoy them just as much. Also, feel free to direct me to certain books and portions thereof to answer my questions in greater detail, or to other posts if indeed these questions have been asked and answered.

    Thanks much!
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    They are gone, it is empty space.
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    (1) Kina sorta. The absorption in the Caeliar gestalt was voluntary so some refused, but they don't have implants anymore.
    (2) They were absorbed into the Caeliar gestalt. The Eternal Tide might give more insight.
    (3) We know of at least one world that was fertile enough to support life after being deborgified.
    (4) The Borg are gone for good, thankfully. But you might want to check out Acts of Contrition and Atonement.
    (5) The Dominion isn't really into conquest anymore and Species 8472... That comes up in the novels but the don't overtake Borg space. The two previously mentioned novels also fo into this question.
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    I believe the stuff that happened with Species 8472 in the Myriad Universes novel(la?), Places of Exile, also applied to their dealings with the Prime Universe.
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    Assuming ALL OF THE spoilers:

    The Borg as a thing don't exist anymore. What made them Borg was removed, so there is nothing left for them to be Borg with. There are still former Borg, however.

    Upon absorbing the collective into the gestalt, the Caeliar left known space forever. I suppose they could always return, but given how big they were on privacy and not getting involved, I can't see why they would. As stated above, not all Borg were absorbed - it was a choice, although I suspect more of a subconscious one, as Seven didn't even realise that was what had happened. So there are several former Borg sitting about, including Picard, Seven, the Cooperative from "Unity" and Axum from "Unimatrix Zero".

    It didn't turn into dust - it turned into Caeliar catoms, the original organic technology that Borg tech evolved out of. Some people who were left behind have found themselves able to survive by the use of these catoms just as they did their Borg implants, but nobody entirely understands how the catoms work because it's such insanely advanced tech, so that has caused some problems in itself. As for desert worlds - yeah probably, but they were effectively dead long anyway ever since they were assimilated.

    It wasn't a sweep as such - the absolute deepest core of Borg tech's existence was inverted and became Caeliar. I would think that the only way something could not be affected by that would be if it was thoroughly disconnected from the Collective in all possible ways, leaving it inert. I suppose maybe somebody could come up with a way to reactivate one tiny little bit of dead Borg tech, if such a thing exists. But after 63 billion deaths, would they really want to?

    No one entity is taking it over, or even appears to be attempting to. And it's such a vast space that I don't think anyone could. Many races previously seen in Voyager have been revisited - Krenim, Vaadwaur, Voth, 8472, others - but all are mostly dealing with their own issues. The only races which the books have explored as being affected by the Borg's unmaking have been the Indign (who were so minor that the Borg never bothered assimilating them even though they really wanted it), and the Children of the Storm (who had fought the Borg and now didn't have to anymore).

    I would kinda like to explore more remnants of assimilated races, actually. Like, how about Arturis's people, or the el-Aurians? I know there was more going on in Voyager than just all-Borg-all-the-time, but still...
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