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    So, my questions stems from the fact that I recently ordered the First Contact Blu-Ray disk online.. it was the best looking film in the TNG part of the franchise and I find it to be very re-watchable.

    Before ordering it, I had also ordered a new copy (most of the disks of films I've had have been scratched, and I've been re-buying many films and trying to turn over a new leaf of not abusing them ;) ) I did this because the two-disk collectors' set had some fantastic features. In particular, it had the audio commentaries. I mean, Moore and Braga are hilarious together.

    The First Contact Blu-Ray only advertised a few scant special features, most notably a new audio commentary featuring some guy and the producer of the NuTrek. The artwork on the cover was crappy. Instead of having the awesome First Contact poster or teaser poster, it had a new picture, but much of the space was taken by a crummy rendition of the Starfleet insignia.

    I was actually surprised when I put the disk in to learn that the Blu-ray was fantastic, and included nearly every single feature that the Collector's disk DVD set (it hardly mattered to me that some of these supplements were not in actual HD) and more! Thrilled, I gave my recently-purchased two disk set to a friend. It was only after I did that when I realized that the one other feature I liked from that set that wasn't included on the Blu-Ray: the Okudas' text commentary. It was seemingly replaced with the not-so-informative and annoying "library computer" feature.

    Still I was most impressed with the disk. I am thinking about getting blu-rays for the other films (First Contact and Star Trek '09 are the only ones I have in BluRay).

    Can someone offer me a little insight as to what each of the Star Trek features have on Blu-RAy in terms of special features. You don't have to list all of them, but I'm mainly interested audio commentaries, text commentaries, and the longer-form behind the scenes features, or other relevant features that seem to matter (like the Dangers of Peacemaking included on the TUC DVD set). The little five-minute features I'm less interested in and don't need to be listed here.


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    DVD Verdict = your friend. :)
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    Is by far the best site for listing and comparing DVD and Blu Ray special features.

    It includes listings for just about every different release of any Star Trek film and / or show.

    I cannot recommend this site enough. Just search for Star Trek First Contact and you can see exactly what's on the Blu Rays and what was on the previous DVD editions.
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    I must say you are coming out better with the big packs, like The Original Motion Picture Collection and The Next Generation Collection, because with the Original comes a very enjoyable round table with Shatner, Nimoy, Stewart and Frakes hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, and with the TNG collection comes the Evolutions disc which has some very good and in HD docus about Star Trek.
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    I second this, the box sets are well worth having for those two extra discs alone.