The Art of 'From Quadrant to Quadrant and Person to Person 2

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    Is TrekUnited Publishing actually publishing these as books or are they just online media?
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    Sadly no. LuLu states the position of all the POD (Print On Demand) printers I know of who won't print anything that author doesn't have the copyright for.

    These are published as pdf books, online media, but their physical printing dimensions match the dimensions of a couple of popular formats.

    This particular book is formatted for A5 paper, which means that if printed out double-sided and glue-bound it would be similar to Japanese manga books.

    However I've taken care to make sure that, in theory, the text will also fit on US Letter paper, cut in two (folio), if "centred" on the printer's properties.

    Likewise our pdf paperbacks, like the one below, are formatted so that they could be printed out as an "A" format Mass Media Paperback. Click on the cover to browse the book in Issuu. Let me know if you want a download - Issuu has issues ;)


    By the way, I'll happily send out a copy of the Open Office / Libre Office template I use for either of these formats if anyone wants to have a crack at fan fiction publishing themselves. Just post here or PM me.


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