The adventures of the starchair Enterpoop

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    Jan 27, 2005 has been rerunning the Bloom County comic strip from its start. This means we're getting such antics as the first adventures of Cutter John and Opus as Kirk and Spock, sometimes with variants between what appeared in the newspapers originally (and what's shown here) with what was collected in the books. There aren't any in these two recent examples, admittedly, but boy was this running theme fun:;

    And going back before that they're also running Academia Waltz, which was Berkeley Breathed's college comic strip, and it has even more prototypical examples of the Enterpoop:
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    ^Ah, I remember those. I used to have a collection of "Bloom County" strips but I was too young to get some of the more politically laced ones. The last strip you linked to was also redrawn for "Bloom County."

    As much as I like "Bloom County," I don't really care for the Sunday "Opus" strips.