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I'm not sure how I feel about the prominent "on/off" lettering. It's as if Apollo could have just turned off all the ship's functions with the flick of a big switch instead of just holding it in place. :lol:


OK you win the whole internet for that today.
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I was in Target and saw this. It's really nice and the figures are pretty tall however for the life of me I don't understand why it's not R2-D2 instead of R0-4L0.
I was in Target and saw this. It's really nice and the figures are pretty tall however for the life of me I don't understand why it's not R2-D2 instead of R0-4L0.

I don't understand, either. The only logical reason I can come up with is that Hasbro wanted to give us our very first R0-series droid figure and used this exclusive multipack as a way to release that first figure.

That said, R2-D2 would have been a far more logical and popular choice for this set and they probably could have released the R0-series astromech by himself or in another multipack with other droids. We have yet to get a 12"-scale R2-D2 figure in this decade and they could have used this pretty cool set as a way to get him released with C-3PO (who, by the way, comes with a ball-jointed head and shoulders, which is something that none of the other recent 12" figures have been designed with and it's great to see them included).
Explanation: Something bothered me about the kidnapping of William by Malcolm Merlyn this Arrow season.

In one episode, we see the boy arrive at the new house, not frightened at all, and just goes playing with the girl. Apparently he was told Darhk is a friend of his mother.

But in the next episode his mother says she was downstairs making dinner, and William was up in his room, and when she called him he had just vanished. So how did Malcolm do that, with a missing hand even? Something doesn't add up. So I wanted to poke a bit of fun at it ;)

I mean, it would have been so much easier to get William on his way to school, with no mother around! (although, now that I think about it, in America children probably don't walk to school but get driven by their parents to the front door)

PS: Note the tiny Arrow and Flash figures in the foreground!

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Got the Hasbro BB-8 droid. Not as pricey as the proper sphero version but you don't need a phone or tablet to use him, and he has built in sound effects and is just as much fun. It's also bigger.

I might have bought that version had they had one with its own controller but they don't, at least not here.
They'll put R2 in another pack with droids you don't care about and wouldn't buy otherwise. :techman:

They probably would too... Maybe he wasn't included because half the time he spends 3/4 of the movie turned off. Why did they even bother including him?

BTW my BB 8 is fun. I didn't buy the sphero one because it was too pricey for my wallet and I don't have IOS or Android to use my phone as a controller. Why did they even do that? What was so fricking hard about having its own controller?

I bought the cheaper Hasbro one and am happy with it.
I made this story for someone on Tumblr who always reblogs all my pictures and seems to like Figma. The Thinker is the only Figma figure I own so far but I also have the David and the Venus statue on pre-order. These are awesome, come with several hands and two heads and bodies for many different poses.
And Jack snogs anything with a post code.

I meant to post these earlier from my trip to DisneyWorld. They were selling these huge Jumbo Kenner action figures at the Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios.

Biker Scout

Ian holding the Biker Scout for scale

Bounty Hunter Leia

Admiral Ackbar

All the figures available shown on the back of the card
I'm not dead. Just busy for the last couple months. I did order a couple new figures. I ordered a 6 inch Wreck it Ralph figure and a World of Nintendo Falco figure. haven't gotten them yet but I'm excited to get photo's with them both. I've run out of steam for a bit which is why I took a little hiatus but I'm back and hopefully in full force.
I scored the new Walmart-exclusive 3.75" Black Series Captain Phasma yesterday. I didn't see the two other figures in this new wave assortment (Starkiller Base Han Solo, Resistance Base Gown Leia) but at least I found one of the three new figures I've been looking for in this exclusive line.
I've been away for a while. I guess that just means, if I want you guys to accept me back, I need to do something cool. So here's part one of another crazy crossover story.
"A British time traveller assembling a team to stop some crazy threat" - Haha! So I'm not the only one that made that connection ;) But as I have learnt somewhere here in this forum, LoT actually came out BEFORE Doctor Who.

That Ash guy looks cool. What fandom is he from? Great reaction from Wonder Woman ;)

And if I may be so bold - here are some recent things you've missed from me:

Hamlet with Doctor Who figures

The Doctor and Jack in Rome

Jack and the Thinker