The 40 and Over Club

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    or as I like to call it "The Trek BBS"
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    Yes, I am over 40 years old, by a few years. But I look young. Which may seem neat, but sometimes it is not. Because I look young people my age think I need to hang out with younger people. I don't have grey hair and people have said I still look in my late 20's. But I look forward to the day I look my age. One of my friends makes me laugh she said "one day I would wake up and it would all catch up to me." I don't care about my age really. I don't feel much different than I did at say 30. I do have health troubles so that could be why, same old things. Though, I am getting arthritis in my fingers. So that is no fun. I sometimes wish I were just a bit older and have more history to recall, like my mom does. I grew up with phones with cords, and only so many things to watch on tv, no remotes. Limited cable. And people still mailed letters and cards. I miss that! My mailbox gets so lonely sometimes I have like two people that still send cards or letters. And at Christmas we get less and less each year though we still send out a Christmas picture to about 100 people the number changes over the years sometimes 60 and so on. But we do it. I recall being a little kid when my dad would watch Star Trek and not really knowing what to think of the show. I was scared of some of the shows. I had a pair of Star Trek pants that dad made me from iron ons. I recall seeing Star Wars at a drive in movie. And waiting in line forever and having a pizza delivered to us in line (that was cool). And dad and I watching the movie (mom slept) and when it was over dad asked me what was it about? I didn't see the 2nd or 3rd ones in the drive in and lost interest. Now of course I like them! I even was Princess Leia one Halloween a few years ago with my super long hair in her buns hair do. I miss talking to people and them looking at me instead of down at their phones. I miss people walking and not looking at their phones or with ear buds in (I have never talked to our mail person because she always wears them and does not hear my hellos). I don't think our friends kids have ever looked at me thru a whole conversation. It is just so different the way things are now. Sometimes I like I have so many things to keep up with. No one calls anymore really either. They text or face book. If I don't check face book then I never know if that baby was born, or someone died or was married and a thousand other things. I know I miss things sometimes when I can't/don't check it. And I have so many to check. Ahhh! I would not have seen most of this coming. I missed learning about computer by one year in school. And most of the teachers didn't know about them. We don't have smart phones and only have a flip cell that we don't use much. We will some day get the smart phone but not in any hurry. I am heard people say it is like being tied to a phone and where they go people can find them and talk to them. And it is like no being able to not talk if you don't want to. I know they don't have answer but most people I know they just have to answer it. Yeah, who knew all of this would be like it is?? And what is next?
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    I would tend to agree with this, I'm also an Introvert and can happily talk about a range of topics when enagaged and perhaps become quite the conversationalist when it's a topic that interest me or I know well.
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