Spoilers Temporal Wars aftermath (Disco spoilers)

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    Well in the DTI books, there is a time travel "Net" that exists, maybe there is a "Time Shield" that prevents any time travel? ( how you explain red angel travel? Don't know) Or all information was purged, or made to be purged?? Just spitballing.
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    Yep. And just like then, they are completely baseless, mostly from people annoyed at their own head canon has been infringed, while the producers actually go above and beyond to remain consistent with the universe as presented and enrich it as well.
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    Could it be, since it was called the Temporal War, it's an escalated version of the Temporal COLD War?
    Sure, it's likely the writers ment the TCW, but what if.....

    After the events we saw in Enterprise that led to the end of the TCW, the factions from the future decided to just f*** it, and go for an all out war? Meaning they were tired of it and just wanted to see their enemies finally burn. A stalemate was reached, and ultimatly, all factions decided to just stop fighting on all fronts, both in the here and now but also in the past and future. Thus banning all forms of time travel.
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    Well, there actually was a Temporal War that we saw on Enterprise and it's played out in the events of the season four opener, Storm Front. The banning of time travel could be a result of this, unless they try to establish that some another conflict heated up at a later date. The villain of that episode, Vosk, is from the 29th century, so, it's still a few centuries prior to where Discovery finds itself.

    What I think needs some clearing up is what we see on Voyager's future Federation time travelers (Captain Braxton) in relation to Daniels and his time traveling. Were they supposed to be related?[/QUOTE]
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    Braxton was from the 29th century, Daniels from the 31st. Braxton's lot worked for the Temporal Integrity Commission, at least according to the set dressing on the USS Relativity's bridge. Daniels just vaguely "the Federation"

    They may not even be from the same version of the future. In Discovery, there was
    no future until Control was stopped.
    . In Enterprise, Daniels implied Earth didn't exist and made it clear the Enterprise NX-01 should have been destroyed in "Cold Front", then later Daniels' headquarters was New York on Earth and Archer and Enterprise were crucial to the Federation being formed.
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    I missed the last season of ENT and never really intensely binged it. I definitely want to do that at one point. But is there a list of episodes I can re-watch to know more about the temporal Cold War?
    I don’t quite remember all the Details...
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    Here are all the ENT episodes according to Memory Alpha:

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    I believe Time Soldier Yor from the Kelvinverse in "Terra Firma, Part 1" might finally explain Crewman Daniels' cryptic comments about Illinois and Earth:

    "TUCKER: And you didn't grow up in Illinois.
    DANIELS: Oh, I'm from a place called Illinois, sir. Just not the one you're familiar with.
    TUCKER: It's good to know Earth will still be around in nine hundred years.
    DANIELS: That depends on how you define Earth."

    I guess he might have been from the Kelvinverse too.
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