Temporal Cold War Factions Speculations

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    NB: Don't worry this isn't about all the types of temporal distrupions, (that's later). This is focused on the Factions ansd the Temporal Accords. I have also taken artisitc lisence in the member's of each faction, but my aim is to create a cannon Temporal Cold War Guide for fan use.

    Factions of the Temporal Cold War
    1. Section 31 Temporal 'Harmony' Division
    2. The Romulan Brotherhood, (Future Guy's lot).
    3. Na'kuhl
    4. Tholians, (most likely working for themselves, who could control Tholains?).
    5. The Krenim

    Here we go:

    Section 31 ‘Temporal 'Harmony' Division

    a. Known Members
    1. Daniels Moore (Product of many generations of interspecies breeding).
    2. Chloe Mathews (Product of many generations of interspecies breeding).
    3. Shinzon (Picard Clone from an alternate timeline).
    4. K’leena (Klingon Female)
    5. Behr (Vulcan Male)
    6. Ian or ‘Info’. (Positronic android, copied from Data).

    b. Technology
    1. Chroniton flux suit, or ‘Temporal life jacket’. (The black, ‘uniform’ we saw Daniels wearing).
    2. 31st century hand phaser.
    3. Phase shift finger device.

    c. Aims and Purpose

    Uknown at the current time, but appear to be working for the good of the Federation.

    d. Origin Of Shinzon
    In an alternate timeline initiated by the Romulan Brotherhood faction, the Romulan government decided to continue the plot to replace John Luc Picard with the genetic clone, Shinzon and was able to do so successfully. Unfortunately the clone began to sympathise and believe in the Federations ideals. The normal Section of the timeline became aware of the switch after what looked like a failed attempt on the life of Captain Picard by the Tal Shair during an archaeological, ‘expedition’ on the USS Interpid. They rescued the captain and decided to use him in the Temporal Cold War, so they sent launched him in a temporal pod into the past, (23rd century), (as seen in Future Tense) where it was picked up by the Section 31 of the time. At first he wasn’t trusted but after a while and a couple of missions he gained the trust he needed to be accepted into the Department as a fully fledged operative.

    e. Proof That Section 31 Is The Faction

    1. 1. http://www.chakoteya.net/Enterprise/11.htm

    [Daniel's quarters] (a very small room with two bunk beds)
    DANIELS: Oh, please, have a seat. I'm sorry about the mess. Sometimes I think my bunk-mate majored in Chaos Theory. (takes a case out of a locker)
    ARCHER: What is that? That doesn't look like Starfleet issue.
    DANIELS: That's because I'm not a member of Starfleet. Not that I wouldn't be honoured to be one, sir, especially after spending time
    ARCHER: Who are you? How do you know what happened on the Helix?
    DANIELS: Did Silik tell you who he was working for?
    ARCHER: I'm the one asking questions, crewman.
    DANIELS: Did he mention the Temporal Cold War?
    ARCHER: What do you know about that?
    DANIELS: A great deal more than you do, sir.
    ARCHER: If you're not a member of Starfleet, then who are you?
    DANIELS: I work for a different kind of organization. We make sure that people like Silik don't interfere with historical events.
    ARCHER: I've never heard of a group like that.
    DANIELS: That's because it doesn't exist yet.
    ARCHER: So you're telling me you're some kind of a time traveller?


    VOSK: You've only heard one side of the story, Captain. The temporal agents who sent you here are a tyrannical sect imposing their will on countless cultures throughout history.
    ARCHER: They enforce the Temporal Accords, preserve the time line.
    VOSK: They manipulate the time line to serve their own needs. If you've ever dealt with them, then you know they do much more than watch history unfold. They interfere with events. They have an agenda.

    Imposing their will on countless cultures across history for a secret agenda? Not part of Starfleet, but fights for the Federation in The Temporal Cold War? That sounds like Section 31 to me.

    2. Daneil’s grief over the loss of the Federation memorial statue, and compare it to the many speeches about protecting the Federation made by Sloan in DS9.
    3. Archer ask Daniel if he is human, and Daniels replies, 'mostly'. This means that the pilot of the temporal pod in ENT : Future Tense was one of the Section31 faction operative like Daniels. The corpse is made up of DNA from generations of interbreeding by named Federation members.

    Next Faction:

    Romulan Brotherhood
    a. Known Members
    1. Leader: Future Guy, Name unknown (Romulan).
    2. 29th century Romulans.
    2. Suliban Cabal lead by Silik.
    3. Romulans from other time zones.

    b. Technology
    1. Suliban Cabal Helix’s and ships.
    2. Advanced cloaking technology.
    3. Genetic enhancement technology.

    c. Aims and Purpose
    The Romulan Brotherhood is officially a rogue organization from he 29th century but the Romulan Star Empire does not hunt, stop them. They actually supply them with the most advanced technology, and food supplies. The reason why they do not stop the Brotherhoods is simple, the aim of the, ‘rogue’ organization is manipulate the timeline so that the Romulan are in a very strong position after the Dominion war, and as a secondary aim, stop the failed Reman Rebellion from even starting but still give the Romulan Star Navy the schematics of the Scimitar. Their main temporal theatre is the 22nd centrury, but hey have operations in other time zones.
    First they try to start a Klingon civil war, which the Romulans of the time would then capitalise on by entering on the side of the most Romulan friendly faction, (using the civil war as an excuse to destroy as many Klingon bases and ships as possible, building up the number of ships they have in Klingon space, (as many ships as possible are kept cloaked to stop the Klingons from knowing exact numbers) then attack the friendly faction and conquer Klingon territory, and reverse engineering all the Klingon technology. (So when the Breen enter the war, the Romulans are already adapted in the way the Klingon ships were in DS9 and of course have more resources and shipyards).
    Then they try to stop Daniel’s from taking Archer in, ENT: Shockwave, and tells Archer who sent the probe in ENT: Xindi so the Federation will exist, and thus will be the needed help, fighting the Dominion.
    They are supposedly behind the historic Romulan/ Klingon trade of technology in the 23rd century.

    (The Brotherhood is only seen in two Star Trek shows. It is physically seen in Enterprise, but one of their failed attempts at creating a base on a planet during the 2370’s is seen in DS9 episode The Sound Of Her Voice. The temporal projection matrix can be seen surrounding the planet, right down to the sound is the same as that seen on the Helix orders room in Enterprise).

    d. Conjectural Origin Of Future Guy
    Son of a Commander who fought in the Dominion war, or Talented ex-Tal Shair officer.

    e. Proof That RomuIans Are The Faction
    1. Romulans have been known to get involved with Klingon civil wars, (See TNG).
    2. The cloaking technology of the Cabal.
    Who else could have given them such technology during the time of Enterprise? The Romulans at the time never traded technology and always self destructed the vessels to prevent the technology from falling into enemy hands.
    The colours of the Suliban cloak in, 'In a Mirror Darkly' suggests it is Romulan tech, (green, grey, and black). The Cabal pod vessels also have a much smaller cloaking device, (a refinement of the cloaking device off the Scimitar).There was no mention of tachyon emissions from the cloaking devices, they used interplexing beacons instead, (it was too advanced even for T’pol).

    More to follow.
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    I take it Nero doesn't figure into any of this?
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    No he doesn't.

    Reasons why:
    1. Future Guy is from the 29th century, Nero is from the 24th century.
    2. Nero can physically travel throught time on his ship, Future Guy can only project his image and pass on information.
    3. Future Guy is a time meddler, Nero has only the one goal of destroying Vulcan to prevent the Vulcan/Romulan reunification.
    4. Nero will most likely die in the 23rd century in the film. And dead people tend to stay dead.
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    So is this related to Star Trek Intrepid or a fan film idea your passing along?
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    It's not related to Star Trek Intrepid. Although we have Captain Picard (Played by Giles Aston) in The Stone Unturned this is a coincidence.
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    There is no connection to Interpid. I have two aims:
    1. To created a fan wide accepted guide tot he Temporal Cold War factions, (to create a consisent Temporal Cold War throughtout fanfilms, and rpg's).
    2. A short 6 episode audio drama set during the Temporal Cold War.(If interested please pm me).

    I'll be posting this on Hiddn Frontier's forum too, since it is the largest fanfilm forum.

    The other factions are being worked on know.
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