Temporal canon compilation?

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    Hey guys, gals and various non-gender binary individuals :)

    I've been slowly working on a few idea's for a story focusing on the adventures of the crew of a Wells class timeship(the class seen in Voyager).
    I've been rather lazy in my reading of a fairly large chunk of Trek novels, having only really started with them this year with David Mack's Destiny trilogy...
    Safe to say I've not got the time to read through all the relevant novels.

    I'm wondering if any of you would be willing to help me compile a basic set of rules that have been established throughout the series' and the novels?
    I'd love to be be able to get writing and not violate canon too much :)
    Significant dates, status of various civilisations and technological abilities/limitations etc etc.

    Even just an idea of where to start researching would be great :)
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    If you're gonna start writing about time travel and want to include novelverse stuff, you definitely want to start by reading the two Department of Temporal Investigations novels, Watching the Clock and Forgotten History (written by our own Christopher). They take every time travel episode and movie and build a set of plausible rules around them. Although it's mainly set in the 24th century and focusses on the DTI agents Dulmur and Lucsley (from DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations"), we get to meet temporal agents from the 29th and 31st centuries too. We also finally meet Future Guy from Star Trek: Enterprise.

    Although it contains complete spoilers, a quick glance at this page shows how much research and thought went into these books, taking both real-world science and Trekverse pseudoscience into account.