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    For all the literary folk let's give credit:
    as per Wiki
    One of my favorite depictions of [Dematerialising] teleportation is in The Fly (1986) with the "Telepods".


    Dematerialising (The Fly, Star Trek transporters)
    Dimensional teleportation
    Wormhole (through space & time)
    Also included within the Wormhole scenario is subspace teleport technology
    via Memory Alpha

    I've always liked the idea of a A portal in science fiction and fantasy connecting two distant locations. The possibilities are really endless.
    In the Beetle Juice (1988) movie I love how the Maitlands create a portal to get help from their afterlife case worker, Juno.

    In Trainspotting (1996) how
    which he dives into the toilet which becomes a portal to swim down to find them .

    and in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
    The scene where Nancy is attacked by Krueger in her bathtub which became an underwater scene.

    I've even used the idea of a wormhole in a short film I started writing over 10 years ago where a pager device could receive pages from 40 years in the future. Obviously using a cellphone (or a smartphone with e-mail) would allow for more uses of this wormhole and also monologues from the characters...

    Shall we discuss out favorite teleportation in SciFi?

    For easy reference here's the list with hyperlinks:
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    My own personal favourite use of teleportation comes from the sci-fi wargame Warhammer 40,000. One of the races in the game, Orks, have access to a weapon called the Shokk attack gun.
    What this "gun" actually does is hoover up Snotlings (a diminutive goblin-like race) and teleports them at the enemy, the aim being for them to re-materialize within tanks or even enemy soldiers and cause havoc from the inside. Of course this being an Ork weapon, it's prone to malfunctions and can end up teleporting the wielder instead,with hilarious consequences.
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    I suppose you could add the "Portable Hole" often used in the old Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    The Hole Idea.
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    I want the gun that lets you shoot an entry hole against one surface and an exit hole on another. Creative uses of such a gun allow one to cross obstacles, retrieve objects from a distance, and appear to defy the laws of physics.

    I am, of course, thinking of Portal.
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    Re: teleportation in SciFi videogame

    Portal which is a pack-in/download with Half-Life 2: Episode Two

    The Portal Teaser Trailer you linked to Psion was pretty cool and I couldn't help but think of the TV show Sliders.
    It's odd though how with Portal it's like anything when a concept is overdone it gets boring like the Borg as a villain on VOY.