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    ...Also, the work on this baby won't be repetitive, like on run # 3,824 of a car model. Supposedly, only a handful of these ships were ever built, and they were cutting edge back in their day. It just might not be worth it to design and build an entire line of tooling for such a short production run, when these people don't necessarily even know exactly what they are doing.

    That is, on the most general note, it seems just and right to have the Enterprise be built by hand. Tenderly.

    I just hope the lady will not get too special a treatment. We never got the impression in TOS that she was the most important ship in Starfleet, not when flown by Pike nor by Kirk. No "Flagship of the Federation", no "biggest and most powerful". Just a warm, comfortable "once the cutting edge, now a dependable old warhorse" feel.

    Timo Saloniemi
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    One minute and fourteen seconds of welding is more imaginative and awesome than anything Berman's cooked up in a decade. Bad Robot rules at effective movie teasers.
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    Wow. The Enterprise being born. Wow. Kick ass trailer. I'd always thought she'd be constructed in space. But it works this way too. I'm jazzed! :D
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    um, we havent seen any teasers with phasers yet.For all we know JJ may be fascinated by the 60's Phaser Disk Shooter.
    I know i was :D
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    knowing the time without a means of checking it is silly...

    They should be using both energy weapons and projectile weapons. You really think guns are gonna go away after a particle weapon comes to be? I don't. Chances are "phasers" are strictly StarFleet issue - at least in the 23rd Century.

    They also didn't always use replicators (Star Trek's greatest cheat/out) in ToS they had "resequencers" but am doubtful that everyone in the 23rd Century relied upon them for food. On a long range starship such things make sense but not on Earth. People will still cook get their hands "dirty" so to speak.

    Does velcro exist along side zippers and buttons? Yup. Just because "advances" come along it doesn't follow the old stuff gets put in a box in some basement someplace. Humans are notorious for sticking with tried and true ways of doing stuff.

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    Looks great (I just watched the youtube version).

    So...we see a nacelle, a piece of curved hull (possibly from the saucer), a up-shot of the saucer wih what might be a nacelle strut in the foreground, and a pan shot of the front of the saucer.

    Way more than I expected. It's a great seller for the movie.
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    "I can't get this passion for keeping everything the way it is in a movie about the future. Everything, that is, except anything from the original Star Trek."

    Fine. Will Spock be an emotionally red skinned Martian, and Kirk's middle inital be an R?
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    I just gotta say a few things here. I was not to happy with the teaser. I'm sorry but if in 100 or 200 or whatever years from now we are STILL wielding like we are today, humans will not exist, as we are far to stupid to have lasted that long.

    This teaser never got me going, I was way to disappointed in seeing those people doing what they were doing. No robotic help. No laser type (or something else futuristic) wielding. Nothing futuristic other than a big ship in space..... something, realistically, we can do right now if the nations on this earth wanted to.

    No, I'm sorry, I'm not about to buy into something that primitive that should be futuristic.

    Blah. Hopefully I don't feel this way when the trailer is released.
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    lol :lol: :rolleyes:
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    Jack Bauer
    Relax. It's a metaphor. Why do Trekkies always overreact like spoiled children?
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    on the old show there were many space vessels in the Starfleet but only 12 Starships. This was pointed out repeatedly to highlight what a unique individual the captain of such a ship was- only 12 chosen out of the trillions of Federation citizens.
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    Dec 30, 2002
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    Argus Skyhawk
    I know I'm late but I finally saw the teaser last night. Beautiful, nicely atmospheric, and very cinematic. I would like to compare shots of the original Enterprise from the 60's show with this one, because it looks to me like they are being quite faithful to the original design.
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    and your basing this on what? a 2 - 4 second snippet of the construction of the enterprise. I think its too soon to be making these kind of judgments.
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    This is easily the best STAR TREK movie teaser in over a decade. At least since the very first teaser for GENERATIONS surfaced in the summer of '94 with the traced outline of the streamlined, mid-90s TREK delta shield logo as the narrator eerily described the Nexus.
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    it looks nice, TV Guide posted a link to it, in their daily emails.