Tears of the Prophets - jumping the Jem´Hadar?

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    I haven´t seen all DS9 episodes yet but I´m trying to fill my gaps. The last I have seen is Tears of the Prophets and I was surprised how much it was worse than all remaining DS9 finales.

    I don´t like role of evil nerd but there are many problems. First there is oversentimentalization of Jadzia´s death by this whole baby business (Seeing Alexander, my reaction was close to Quark´s one) which just felt out of the series. Also , wasn´t a little surrealist how reason of Dax being close to the orb was to say thanks to Prophets for fulfilling Kira´s prayer? Thanks a lot Nerys, your well intended religiosity is killing people.
    Also, this is the story changing Dukat into Pah-wraith ally after his Dark magic ritual which leads into weaker plot in „What you leave behind“ . Here we see how he magically easily goes to the station and attacks Prophets. Prophets/Pah-wraiths are so abstract writers could do anything with them and we don´t know exactly what happaned anyway. After that Bajorans go crazy and their little children are abusing Sisko . They evidently also fallen to high level of stereotype. The final scene of Sisko on Earth looked more like a parody than anything else.

    To add something else, battle of Chin´toka wasn´t anywhere near dramatic like anything from Way of the Warrior or Call to Arms, Damar´s orbital platforms seemed just like a little annoying delay…

    So, don´t you think that this episode was final change in the series and unfortunaly, to worse?
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    Chintoka's battle being so easy was to signify that the path of the war had been altered and to make it feasable in our minds that the Fed/KDF/RE alliance was stronger than the Dominion. I thought the episode was good because it set up the roles and drama of the final season well. Sisko's increasing relationship with the Prophets is something that, like it or not, played a role until the end. The new Dax coming in after the oversentimentalization of Jazdia's death was something that kept the show personal rather than becoming a show about military tactics. Dukat's turn is something ST doesn't have often which is payoff to our care about the bad guys.

    One of the weak parts was in the connection between the bajorian religion and the war. Strategically, if Dukat took over the wormhole, at the least, the dominion would be able to send in a new fleet. More likely, the dominion would get their 2000 ships lost in the wormhole back and have free access to the wormhole afterwards. At the most, Dukat would control supernatural powers and could start thinking things out of existance.
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    The Sisko storyline was quite good, as were the scenes with Weyoun and Damar. Their exchange about gods was a better analysis of faith in fifteen seconds than most television shows could manage in a full hour.

    I hate pah-wriath Dukat, but I've ranted enough about that in past threads.
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    Yeah, that's absolutely right. This brief exchange was brilliant.
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    IMHO the battle wasn't nowhere near easy but was more simply over too quickly, as soon as the weapon platforms came online every single phaser shot and torpedo shot seemed to just ignore ships shields and blow chunks out of the Starships hulls, even a Romulan Warbird suffered one direct hit from a phaser beam and had the top half of the foreward section blown to smithereens, an excelsior class ship had half its saucer section torn apart by a single phaser shot and was left adrift. Even after the asteroid powerplant had been taken out and the platforms had no shields it was taking two full power phaser shots from and excelsior or three photon torpedo shots from a galaxy just take down a shieldless weapon platform.
    IMO the weapon platforms were made out to be far too powerful and should have been dumbed down a bit and rather than having an easy way of turning them off by having a central powerplant the battle should have just been a full blown attack with the Feds etc able to take them all out, the fleet took heavy casualties anyway so the battle could have had the same amount of casualties and just not been over so quickly.

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