Sutherland/Lexington: Blood Cries

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    This is a long...long....novel length story. I'm no where near complete yet, but I've got over 200 pages done, so I figure I'll start posting what is solid material now and more as the story progresses. This story brings about so many changes in all of my series to date: Lexington, Sutherland, Perseus, forthcoming stories dealing with the crews and adventures of the Bellerophon and Deep Space 11. Many of my characters will go through some very profound changes in this story as we discover more about Liz Shelby, Robert Wesley, Aliz Bathory, Sito Jaxa, Cilla Oudekirk and many others. I hope you enjoy this story. It's has been and still is a difficult story to write. It's probably the most convoluted and complicated story I've ever written and has gone through multiple revisions. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Blood Cries: Prologue

    Cachtice Castle, Trencin, Hungary, 1579 C.E.

    “Hurry up, Katya! We’re going to be late” Young Elizaveta Bathory, only three years married to Count Ferenc Nadasdy, called out from behind her shoulder as she sat sidesaddle on her favorite white mare, Priscina, brushing aside a lock of auburn hair as she laughed merrily.

    “I’m coming, My Lady!” A laughing blonde-haired Ekaterina Csizmadia called back to the Countess who had befriended her years ago. Ekaterina, the daughter of a minor knight currently with Elizaveta’s husband on campaign against the Ottoman Turks, first met the mistress of Cachtice Castle when she arrived as at age eleven, newly betrothed to Ferenc Nadasdy as part of a marriage alliance between the two politically powerful Bathory and Nadasdy families. Spurring her horse to a gentle canter, the good-natured blonde quickly rode up to where her friend sat impatiently waiting. “I’m sorry...” Katya apologized, but I got lost in the view...” she said as she waved her arm at the lush panoramic vista with its unspoiled blue sky dotted by gently drifting cumulus clouds.

    “I understand completely, Katya!” Elizaveta sighed as her eyes took in the view before her. “I just wish Ferenc were here to see it with us.”

    “I know.” The blonde lady-in-waiting replied sympathetically. I miss my Karl too. But...” she added as she crossed herself, “...they’re doing God’s work—retaking our homeland and fighting the infidel.”

    “True.” Elizaveta affirmed, “But still...I wish he were at home. I miss his...” a loud crack coming from the sky drowned out the Hungarian noblewoman’s next words as the two women, their attention drawn towards the sky, saw a bright flash as a brilliant fireball crossed the heavens. Moments later, they heard another crack as several trees in a nearby wood suddenly fell. Her horse panicking, Elizaveta held on for dear life as the disoriented animal ran directly towards the woodland.

    “Elizaveta!” Katya, her horse having thrown her, called out from the ground as she fearfully crossed herself. “Elizaveta!”


    Pulling hard at the reins, the young countess, managing at last to regain control, brought her horse to a stop just at the edge of the wood. As her eyes took in the devastated scene of felled and smoking trees, Elizaveta slowly dismounted. Her mouth open in rapt fascination, the youthful noblewoman dropped her mount’s reins as she walked slowly towards into the forest, ignoring the fearful cries of her friend running towards her.

    “Don’t go!” Katya called out in warning, “It’s a warning from the Devil!”

    “Don’t worry!” Elizaveta shouted back, “I’m not going to go too far!” Pausing next to the smoking stump of a tree, the young Hungarian’s courage began to waver as an acrid smell crossed her nostrils. Her heart racing, Elizaveta began to turn away only to stop as she began to feel a tugging in her mind urging on into the forest. Pressing on, the countess walked towards the center, picking her way through the fallen limbs and brambles until she reached a small crater. Looking into the crater, the young woman saw what appeared to be a rock made of a shiny black substance. Gasping in astonishment, Elizaveta bent down next to the rock to get a closer look. As she reached out her hand to touch it, what appeared to be a stream of red smoke pour out of the rock’s crevices. Pulling her hand back, Elizaveta found herself frozen in place as the smoke entered her nostrils.


    Time has no meaning for a Pah-wraith. Days...weeks...months...years...centuries...millennia...even eons are naught but moments to a god. After this one, like her fellows, had been expelled from the Celestial Temple following their war with the Prophets, she had wandered through the quiet of space until the vessel in which she had been imprisoned had become captured by an otherwise ordinary yellow star. She had then spent uncounted eons in the outer belt until her prison was finally launched on a trajectory towards the interior of the system where, after its orbit had been further deflected by a large gas giant, it fell under the gravitational influence of a small blue orb. Entering the atmosphere, the Pah-wraith, safely cocooned within its shell, easily survived its meteoric descent; its collision with the surface finally freeing it from its prison just as a host appeared. Entering the host body, the Pah-wraith easily took control of its primitive mind. Wrapping its tendrils around the alien’s thoughts, the Pah-wraith, for the first time in untold years, was finally free. Free to wreck to seek revenge.


    “Elizaveta?” Rushing to her friend’s side, Katya gasped as she saw the devastated landscape. “It’s like the Apocalypse...” she said in a hushed tone, not noticing the thin, evil grin on her companion’s face, nor the brief flash of red in her eyes. “We should go now.” The young blonde woman urged, “Please.”

    “Very well.” Elizaveta responded in a silky voice as her hand reached for the dagger hidden in the sleeve of her dress. “We’ll go.” As her friend, sighing with relief, turned away to begin the trek back to the glade where they had left their horses, Elizaveta’s eyes flashed red as she drew her stiletto and then, without uttering a single word, jabbed it through the heart of her childhood friend. Watching wordlessly as Katya slumped to the ground, Elizaveta knelt down next to where the blonde lay, her blood seeping into the ground. Ignoring the look of shock and disbelief on the young woman’s face, Elizaveta placed a finger in the pool of blood and, as Katya’s life ebbed away, licked it, reveling in its taste.

    The legend of The Blood Countess was born.


    USS Lexington. Federation Space near Risa, 2267 C.E.

    Watching as Lieutenant Aliz Bathory, clad in her pink gym leotard, completed her floor exercises, Commodore Robert Wesley smiled warmly. “Nice form, Aliz.”

    “Thank you, Sir.” Lieutenant Bathory replied as she scooped up a towel from the deck. Wiping away the sweat, the young Hungarian helmsman shook her head, “I’m not sure about that last tumble though—my form was off.”

    “Not from where I was looking.” Robert remarked as his eyes took in the lithe petite form standing before him. Beating down the feelings stirring inside him, the rugged commodore declared, “It looked to me like you nailed it.”

    Laughing merrily as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders, Aliz rejoined, “Madame Czerny would have read me the riot act. I was sloppy.” Shaking her head, the gymnast stated, “I need to practice more.”

    “Well...” the commodore grinned as the pair walked together towards the gymnasium exit, ignoring the other crew members working out, “...we’ll have plenty of time for that where we’re going.”

    “Where are we going, Sir?” Aliz asked.

    “It’s near an unexplored sector right on the borders of Federation space—out where the Betreka Nebula is. Starbase 2 has been picking up some interesting readings coming from that area recently. Apparently, there’s quite a bit going on out there.” Wesley said enthusiastically before continuing in a much more cautious voice, “Unfortunately...the Klingons are also there—and in force—so we won’t be going too deep into it. Since relations with the Empire have been worsening, Command decided that it would be too risky sending starships in right now. Our mission is to do some preliminary charting—get the lay of the land for future missions should relations ever improve.”


    Seeing the look of disappointment on the young lieutenant’s face, Robert grinned as he slapped her gently on her shoulder blades, “Don’t worry, Aliz, I’m sure we’ll run into something new out there. Besides...” he grinned, “’ll give you and your friend time to get to know our new navigator. Speaking of is our Lieutenant Bateson doing?”

    Chuckling merrily, the youthful Hungarian replied, “Terrence is going to be steamed when he gets back from his leave on Risa. Morgan’s been spending a lot of time with Jennifer—to the point where they’re an item now, and he’s even got Cilla to smile at him a time or two—and—well—let’s just say that it’s dangerous putting him and Commander Zha’Thara in a room together the way those two cut up.”

    Laughing, Wesley answered back, “I knew he had potential the moment I saw him in action six years ago. Remind me sometime, Aliz...” the worldly commodore joked, “I’ll tell you about the time he was juggling Dee Dee and Sammie back when I was skipper of the Ajax and he was on the ol’ Merlin under Speed-bag Parker.”

    “I will, Sir.” Aliz grinned. As the pair exited the gym, the young Hungarian turned towards the older man. Her heart skipping a beat as she looked up at his ruggedly handsome features, she quickly averted her eyes, “I better go grab a shower now—I must stink.”

    “Right.” Wesley, feeling an unspoken connection as well with the younger woman, quickly responded, “I have to go too—I’m due on the bridge. I’ll see you later.”

    Orbiting an undiscovered rogue planet in the Bajor Sector--2267

    “Well executed.” A voice coming from the shadows praised. “Activate the holographic emitter. Should a vessel from this period scan us, we should appear as nothing more than a rocky asteroid.”

    “Emitter activated.” A human manning the control console announced. “Awaiting your orders.”

    “Very good.” The voice responded. “I want you to bring this Ferengi to Malon IV for a meeting.” A holoimage of an average size and weight male Ferengi appeared on a raised dais. “Advise him that it would be very foolish for him to not be at the meeting. Contact me when you have made the arrangements.”

    USS Lexington--2267

    For many years she had slumbered peacefully—waiting for the right time to awaken. Now, as she felt the pull of the Celestial Temple growing stronger, the Pah-wraith stirred once again. Soon...once she was free of the prison encaging her, she would lead the others in retaking their home and punishing—once and for all—the Prophets who had driven them out.

    Entering the quarters that she shared with her friend, Lieutenant Jennifer Watley, Aliz cracked a sly grin as she noticed that her roommate was missing. Must be with Morgan. The young Hungarian concluded as she stripped off her gym togs. Fingering the medallion hanging around her neck, Aliz began to remove it, only to hear her grandmother’s warning in her mind, “Never take this off, my child. For if you do...the Dark One will come for you.” Hesitating for just a moment, Aliz chuckled before finally taking the medallion off as she had done countless times before.

    Sensing that the time was finally right, the Pah-wraith acted. Extending its tendrils into the psyche of its victim, the daemon smiled. So like her corruptible.

    Runabout Seine, Federation space near Risa, 2377 C.E.

    “A bottle of champagne...Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque...2358...properly chilled in a Lalique Ganymede champagne cooler with three diamond edition Orrefors Amor Vincit Omnia champagne flutes.” Captain Elizabeth Shelby ordered from the runabout’s replicator as she slipped on an ermine trimmed diaphanous to the point of near transparency Andorian spider-silk chemise. Smiling as she saw the voluptuous blonde woman in her computer monitor, Liz purred, “As you can see...I’ve got everything ready for tonight. I’m glad you and Jason could make it to Risa, Sandy...I know Jas and the Maia Threes are on tour and you’re working on your next show...”

    “How could we resist, Betts...” Sandy smiled back, licking her lips lasciviously as she took in her casual lover’s lovely form beneath her barely there negligee. “An entire week on Risa. But how were you able to get away...with all that’s going on...”

    “It’s the calm before the storm...” Liz conceded, her smile disappearing as the conversation grew more serious. “Admiral Glover’s death...the Klingons on Fu’Puk...” the mood lightened momentarily as both women giggled like schoolgirls at the Klingon name for the Hacharan system. But the laughter soon vanished as the blonde starship captain continued her train of thought, “And then there’s Derek losing his first officer...Pava with his problems...Chris...Terrence...Sintina...Amaya...Kojo...they’ve all been put through the wringer this year...” sighing, Liz nervously played with a lock of hair, “I can’t help but feel that my turn’s coming up next.”

    “Don’t worry about tomorrow, Betts...” Sandy consoled, “I’m not...I know you...” the voluptuous blonde artist cheerfully declared, “You’re too smart...too tough...and too delicious...” she smirked, “You can take on anyone and anything that stands in your way.” Her leer now replaced by a much warmer smile, Sandy finished, “I guess that’s why I like being with you...and Jason too...” she quickly amended, not wanting to leave her other lover out.

    “Thanks, Sandy...I guess I needed to hear that.” Liz replied as her smile returned. Sighing, the blonde captain gently touched the cheek of the woman on her viewscreen. “I’ve got to go now, babe—have to contact Risan control about clearances and all that crap. Once I get everything straightened out, I’ll beam straight down to our suite and we’ll get the party started.”

    “Sound good to me, lover.” Sandy smiled back. “We’ll see you in a few.”

    After bidding goodbye to her lover, Captain Shelby spoke, “Risan Control...this is the Federation runabout Seine. Request orbital clearance...

    “Warning!” The runabout’s computer blared, “Chroniton particle wave detected.”

    “From what source?” Captain Shelby demanded as all her senses at once sprang to full alert. Her fingers dancing on the keypad, Liz raised the shields on the tiny runabout to maximum while at the same time laying in an evasive course.

    “Unknown source.” The computer clinically answered back and then reported, “Wave impact in Three...Two...”

    “Computer...implement laid in course...evasive...NOW!”

    “...One. Impact.”

    Grabbing the arms of her chair, Liz held on tightly as the Seine shook and shuddered under the chroniton wave bombardment.

    “Inertial compensators failing...” The computer reported as Captain Shelby, her vision blurring under the gravitic stresses, glanced down at the chronometer. “Hell!”
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    Really liking this opening to this new, epic tale. The historic connection to a real, murderous figure from the past is fascinating. And who is to say that the real Elizabeth Báthory was not possessed by some sort of alien spirit which made her murder young women? For this story, it's now established fact and its going to play havoc for her distant relative and no doubt many others unlucky enough to cross her path.

    A bit of mystery thrown in here as well with a cryptic communique and we're off to what promises to be one wild ride across time and space.

    Looking forward to find out where this epic tale will take us.
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